8/17/2020: Welcome to Fourth Grade!

8/17/2020: Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Welcome! We will be using ClassTag to share classroom news and to communicate with families this year. Your student will bring home a sign-up sheet for ClassTag on the first day of school. Here are some notes regarding our first week here at Stateside:


Masks: Each student is provided with 3 white masks and 1 gator mask to take home, as well as a mask lanyard. Students are expected to wear a mask each day (other masks/face coverings from home are fine as well). Each student has 2 white masks and 1 gator mask in the classroom as well in case a mask is accidentally forgotten. 


Supplies: School supplies are sorted in class on the first day of school between a supply bag for Ms. McAvoy's classroom, a supply bag for Ms. Bass' classroom, a pencil pouch in the take-home binder, and supplies to keep at home for virtual learning. Any extra supplies can be stored in your student's backpack. The 2-inch take-home binder should be checked nightly for notes and graded work, and it should be brought to school each day with the student's laptop. 


Paperwork and Fees: Students will bring home paperwork on their first day of school. Please complete and return this paperwork the next day. Please take care of school fees as soon as possible - they will be $31 altogether for the school fees and the laptop fees.


Laptop Chargers: Please be sure that your student's laptop is charging each night. Please leave laptop chargers at home.


I hope your student enjoyed the first day of Fourth Grade! :)