a week at a glance

Posted by Rachel Stafford on 10/4/2020 5:00:00 PM

Good afternoon Patriot families! 

Starting this week, students will be having live lessons on Wednesdays. They will be having their regular morning meeting at 8:45 and then additional live lessons throughout the day.

For my homeroom (both cohorts): The live lesson will be at 9:00, following the morning meeting.

For Mrs. Watson’s homeroom (both cohorts): The live lesson will be at 10:00.

I also have some time set aside for one-on-one meetings with students beginning at 1:00. These will be on an as needed basis.

This week in math we will be learning about factors and multiples. Please continue to have students practice multiplication and division facts (0-12) daily.

In science, we are learning about slow changes to the surface of the Earth. This week we are focusing on weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Mrs. Stafford's Homeroom ENCORE

Monday/ Thursday: Media

Tuesday/ Friday: PE

Mrs. Watson's homeroom ENCORE

 Monday/ Thursday: Art

Tuesday/ Friday: Cultural Awareness


  • Oct. 15- grading period ends
  • Oct. 6- Picture day for A Cohort
  • Nov 2- 4thgraders return M,T,TH,F
  • Nov 30- all students back M-F