Principle 1 (3rd-5th) Choice Poster

Here's the instructions of what to do for your poster while you're at home with virtual learning. Use Pebble Go to research a career you choose to do someday or a person you choose as your idol. Write at least 3 facts about them. Include a title or the name of them. Include a picture, either hand drawn, print if you are able, or cut out a picture from a magazine or newspaper.

When you're done, you'll be keeping these at home. But we want to see them! So what we'll do is you'll record yourself and present it on Flip Grid. Below is a How to Use Video for Pebble Go and Flip Grid. 

If you need the login for Pebble Go or Flip Grid, have your parents message me on Class Dojo or ask me on your class team, just tag me (Allison Raynor).

How to Use Video Link

Pebble Go

Flip Grid

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