Red Ribbon Week Contest Winners

Posted by Jessica Coston on 2/6/2020 11:00:00 AM

Red Ribbon Week's Best Overall winners are recognized

Throughout the United States, the last full week of October has been designated as Red Ribbon Week. The Red Ribbon Campaign has become a symbol of support forour law enforcement agencies’ efforts to reduce demand for drugs through prevention and education programs. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to drugs and drug usage. They pay homage to all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation's struggle against drug trafficking and abuse.

In the Onslow County School System, Red Ribbon Week is recognized in severaldifferent ways. One of the most popular is a contest sponsored by Community Prevention Services, featuring student-created banners. The banners focus on creativity, with students developing the concept and doing allthe work. There are four different categorieswewill be recognizing tonight: Best Overall, Most Creative, Most Original and Most Red Ribbon School Spirited.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Best Overall

  • "Don't Let Drugs Blow Your Future," Stateside Elementary, Frank Marzullo and Kenia Posadas
  • "Cap and Gown," Richlands Elementary, Christina Savage and James Orr
  • "Drugs Can Carve You," New Bridge Middle, Ange Bender and Michelle Mueller
  • "Send the Message," Swansboro High, Nicole Loya and Hali Moritz

Red Ribbon Week's Most Creative winners are recognized

Most Creative

  • "Drugs Don't Fit into Our Puzzle," Swansboro Elementary, Carrie Jackson and Tori Christmas
  • "Don't Let Drugs Haunt You," Heritage Elementary, Angela Thomas
  • "Send a Message - Be Druge Free," Northwoods Park Middle, Robert Holt

Red Ribbon Week's Most Original winners are recognized

Most Original

  • "Iron Man," Richlands Elementary

Most Red Ribbon School Spirited

  • Heritage Elementary

We would like to thank Mrs. Kelli Knapp and Community Prevention Services for sponsoring this worthy contest!