Federal Cards and Attendance

Posted by Willie Jarman on 9/13/2020 5:30:00 PM


This week we will be sending Federal Cards home.  This is very important for federal funding to the Onslow County Schools.  Cohort A students will receive Federal  Cards on Monday, 9/14, and should return them on Tuesday, 9/15.  Cohort B students will receive Federal Cards on Thursday, 9/17, and should return them on Friday, 9/18. 

In order to accurately track daily attendance, ALL STUDENTS must react to the daily attendance post in their HOMEROOM Team.  This must be completed every school day, whether it is a Face-to-Face or Remote Learning day. Teachers will have the daily attendance post by 7:30 and students should react to the post by 8:00 for the Daily Attendance check.  The Insights app in Teams will track more specific details about student activity and completion of assignments in all the other Teams and that will allow for adjustments to the daily attendance if needed. 

It is hard to believe we have completed 4 weeks of school already.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have implemented safety precautions and developed practices to address face-to-face and remote instruction.  We will continue to move towards more synchronous learning for students over the next few weeks. 

 Thank you again for your support!