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April 23, 2018 Special Board of Education Meeting

Widening of Cow Horn Road

The Board unanimously approved Morton Trucking, Inc.'s bid for the widening of Cow Horn Road. The road construction is part of the new Richlands Elementary School project. The company presented a base bid of $917,000, which is $317,000 more than the $600,000 originally estimated by the board. The increase came after contractors took a closer look at what needed the be done and that it takes into account the necessary quick turnaround the school system needs for the project. In the bid specifications, there is also an allotment for a $10,000 bonus if the project is completed more than 14 days early. The widening of the road is required by the Department of Transportation and must be completed before the school can open. Due to new state legislation, DOT will reimburse the school system for the road project after it is completed.

Budget proposal for FY2018-2019

The Board heard budget proposals for FY2019. The budget portion of the meeting started with an explanation of the districts adopted Joint Educational Funding Policy, which has 3 legs – the annual current expense budget, the annual capital budget, and the long-range capital improvement program. The proposed budget for the annual current expense fund, which provides funding to support instruction, maintenance, utilities, transportation, etc., was $59.3 million. Presented next was the proposed budget for the annual capital budget, which was $5.3 million. This fund supports roofing, HVAC, paving, safety, security, etc. The long-range capital improvement program identifies major projects, such as new schools and expansions, over a 10-year period.  After that, a formal request is to be submitted to the county by May 15, the budget will be adopted on June 5, and the new fiscal year will begin July 1.

May 1, 2018 Regular Board of Education Meeting

Budget approval for FY2018-2019

In a 6-1 vote, the Board approved the proposed budget for FY2018-2019. The dissenting vote came from Board Member Jonathan Merritt, who expressed concerns about the Board's level of involvement in the process of creating the district's budgets.

Proposed New Policy – 2670: Business Advisory Council

The Board unanimously approved Policy 2670, first presented to them in April 2018, which will serve to create a Business Advisory Council for the Onslow County Schools system. The policy says, "The Board will receive assistance from a business advisory council in the performance of its duty to provide career and technical education instruction, activities, and services. In accordance with the requirements of state law, the business advisory council will serve the board by identifying economic and workforce development trends related to the training and educational needs of the community and advocating for strong, local career and technical education programs, including career pathway development that provides work-based learning opportunities for students and prepares students for post-secondary educational certifications and credentialing for high demand careers."