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Art in the Airport: Create

 Art teacher Bernie Rosage takes a selfie with his student, Cheyenne Flatt, in front of her artwork

On Monday, December 6, students, staff and families gathered at Albert J. Ellis Airport to celebrate the opening of the newest installment of Art in the Airport exhibit.   

OCS has partnered with OAJ to showcase the talents of our visual arts students for more than 5 years. This exhibit, called “Create,” features the work of 15 high school students, representing schools from all over the county.  

A variety of styles and mediums, including wire, paint, photography, digital art, and more, were used to create this collection of work. Artwork varied in subject matter as well, ranging from depictions of nature and self-portraits to cultural works and fantasy pieces.  

If you find yourself travelling through OAJ this holiday season, be sure to check out “Create” and see the great things our art students are accomplishing! 

Students and family members browse the Art in the Airport exhibit  Shyann Howe and her teacher

Congratulations to the following student artists whose work was selected for this opportunity:  

  • Anastasia Doucette, Dixon High School 
    • Artwork: “Dreams Below” 
    • Teacher: Kelly Rivera 
  • Sabrina Alexander, Southwest High School 
    • Artwork: “Hiding Ladybug” 
    • Teacher: Amberlynn Bishop 
  • Claire Marriott, Richlands High School 
    • Artwork: “The Singer in Blue” 
    • Teacher: Renee Tripp Babner 
  • Mariah McElhinney, Southwest High School 
    • Artwork: “Lou” 
    • Teacher: Amberlynn Bishop 
  • Cheyenne Flatt, Jacksonville High School 
    • Artwork: “Life’s a Story” 
    • Teacher: Bernie Rosage 
  • Kenzi Deschaine, Jacksonville High School 
    • Artwork: “Morphed Images” 
    • Teacher: Kelly Ottoway 
  • Hailey Ruckman, White Oak High School 
    • Artwork: “Only in Darkness” 
    • Teacher: Brandi Criscitiello 
  • Christian Neace, White Oak High School 
    • Artwork: “From the Void” 
    • Teacher: Brandi Criscitiello 
  • Alex Strong, Onslow Virtual Secondary School 
    • Artwork: “Swirls and Stardust” 
    • Teacher: Zach Borge 
  • Loriel Chapman, Onslow Virtual Secondary School 
    • Artwork: “Toxic Flower” 
    • Teacher: Zach Borge 
  • Ingrid Troncoso, Northside High School 
    • Artwork: “The Affair” 
    • Teacher: Kayla Anzur 
  • Kimberly Rivera, Northside High School 
    • Artwork: “Til Life Do Us Part” 
    • Teacher: Kayla Anzur 
  • Shyann Howe, Swansboro High School 
    • Artwork: Untitled 
    • Teacher: Erin Strohschein 
  • Dathan Malubag, Swansboro High School 
    • Artwork: Untitled 
    • Teacher: Erin Strohschein 
  • Lily McIntosh, Richlands High School 
    • Artwork: “Señora with Chickens” 
    • Teacher: Renee Tripp Babner 

Loriel Chapman poses with her artwork  Family members browse the Art in the Airport exhibit