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SWMS Supply List

Supply List and School Fees 2020-2021 

Backpack with storage space for laptop

3” 3-ring Binder

Loose-leaf paper

6 dividers for Binder

4- 1 subject spiral notebooks



Pocket size hand sanitizer (to fit in backpack or purse)

Pens (Black or Blue)


Colored Pencils

Colored Markers

Basic Earbuds (in-ear headphones)

Glue Sticks

Pencil Pouch


2020-2021 School Fees

**Instructional Supply:  $5.00

**Chorus:  $5.00

**Band/Orchestra:  $10.00

**Art:  $3.50

**Laptop Assessment:  $25.00

checks payable to:

Southwest Middle School



Due to the need to social distance and limit the number of students in the hall, lockers will not be available this year.  School supplies should be limited to being maintained in the student’s backpack.  We will encourage students to have their own items and to NOT share with others. 


Students will be asked to wear a face covering before entering the building and throughout the day.  Students are free to wear their own if it is appropriate for the school setting.  We will be practicing social distancing throughout any transition during the day.