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Bully Free Zone

It is the belief of Hunters Creek Elementary that all students should learn in a safe environment, free from bullying. Bullying is defined as "repeated and unwanted actions by an individual or group intending to intimidate, harass, degrade, or offend". Types of bullying include physical aggression, social alienation, verbal aggression, and intimidation.
     Hunters Creek staff, students, or their parents may report incidents of bullying using the bullying and harassing form, located in each classroom as well as the office and online. Kindergarten/1st can help their students complete the form. Completed forms will be turned in to the classroom teacher for an initial investigation. If deemed bullying, the administration will receive a copy of the form. An investigation will begin in which the administration will speak to all parties involved. The investigation will be completed within three business days of receipt of the allegation. At such time, the parents of all parties will be notified of the outcome. A copy of the school documentation form will be given to the school counselor. Two weeks after the investigation is complete, the school counselor will follow up with the victim to see if bullying is still occurring. If still happening, the bullying and harassing form will be completed.

     Disciplinary action for bullying may include any of the following and will be determined by the assistant principal or principal depending on the severity of the offense, in accordance with policy 4300/4302 of the Onslow County Board of Education Policy manual:

  • Out of School Suspension
  • Exclusion from school activities
  • Writing about why the bullying actions were wrong
  • Documentation in permanent school files

OCS Board Policy On Bullying.

Policy #4300

Policy #4302


Report Bully Incident Here(confidential)