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Attendance Matters! Find Out More.

Attendance Matters!

We are working hard at Jacksonville Commons Elementary School to reduce the number of tardy students each day.  
Tardies have been on the rise, and we need your help to make sure your student gets to school before 7:15 am as classroom instruction begins promptly at this time. If a student arrives at 7:15 am or later, he/she is marked tardy.  
Research shows that tardiness and school attendance are a major factor for school success.  When students are tardy, they are missing vital learning time and setting the tone for their day.  This is when students are most attentive and doing their best learning.  Students who are tardy also distract the class from learning since they enter the classroom once teaching has begun.  Please help us in making sure your child is on time to school each and every day!
Don't be late to school!
Jacksonville Commons Elementary School's doors open at 6:40 am and the tardy bell rings at 7:15 am.
Classroom instruction begins promptly at 7:15 am.:  Arrive at school on time and be prepared for an exciting day of learning. Every minute counts!
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