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January 17, 2022

Students are so focused for our  MOY Assessments;  I can't wait to share their reading growth with you soon!  Please make sure your student's laptop is charged and ready to go so we can complete our Math Diagnostic this week.

In CKLA we are learning all of the spellings of the /oe/ sound and how to discern between words with "ow" that may sound like "snow" or "plow."  We are following the adventures of a college student job-hunting in NYC and her little brother tagging along as we read "The Job Hunt." In CKLA Knowledge we are following the adventures of those heading westward in the 1800s.  We plan to dress up Friday in western attire (think cowboy boots, hats, and jeans.)

Our work with subtraction flash cards and practice is paying off as we are now subtracting 3 digit numbers!