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December 2022

We just completed our final drafts of our personal narratives!  Students planned, wrote a first draft, edited a peer's paper, then created their final product.  Students were so supportive and helpful when editing their partner's first draft.

We read stories in our Excel reader about kids that excel in the pool, on the soccer field, jumping rope, and in spelling bees.  Our CKLA Knowledge unit guided us through cycles in nature:  day/night, seasons, plants, trees, chickens, butterflies, and the water cycle.

We have ramped up our IReady lesson completions as students travel on their math journeys.  There is no assigned homework over the holiday break;  please enjoy this time with your family.  Some students have asked for "homework" over the break, so we are sending home handwriting books and our Unit 4 workbooks for those interested.  Students can always practice math facts on XtraMath and IReady anytime.