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Newsletter February 26 to March 1ST

De: Febrero 26 al 1 de Marzo
Respect is the key that opens the doors to friendship and harmony.” – Unknown

“El respeto es la llave que abre las puertas de la amistad y la armonía” Desconocido

1.Students at home in their computer must do I ready personalized Pathway (45 minutes and 2 lesson passed) and Amplify Boots/ I Ready reading (45 minutes) (They know how to do it).

2. The students that are going to participate are the following in the Spanish school spelling bee Contest on February 28th at the library 1: 00pm. That day the student that selected from each grade will participate in the Carolina Forest spelling Bee Contest on March 21st at 5:00 pm.

3. Please follow the link to revise the school uniform guidelines.

4. When students have been absent, please send a note to be delivered to Mrs. Stacie in the office. This is an important reminder.

5. Assessments:
Third grade: Graphics and multiplication
Fourth grade: Add Fractions
Fifth grade: Multiply fractions to find Area

6. Wishlist: Please help us with snacks and markers.

I highly appreciate all the support I have been receiving, and I invite you to continue working for the welfare of your children.
Aprecio todo el apoyo recibido e invito a todos los padres a continuar trabajando en el proceso académico y disciplinario de sus hijos.