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Noviembre 13 a Noviembre 17

Please remind your children of the importance of respect, empathy is an essential part of the social formation of any human being.

November 15th release day. Please let me know how your children will go home.

1. Please click on the link to find helpful information about your child's I-Ready platform and how you can help them at home.

2. Please follow the link to revise the school uniform guidelines.

4. In the following link, please select the conference that best suits your schedule, and remember to select your date as soon as possible. Please, make sure to be on time for your meeting since this is a big class.( These spots are organized to November 16th)

1. Open the link.
2. Select the meeting!
3. Write the student's name and email.

Special recommendations:
Please let me know when you change your dismissal plans. You can send a handwritten note with your kid to make me aware of it.

5. When students have been absent, please send a note to be delivered to Mrs. Stacie in the office. This is an important reminder.
6. Assessments:
Third grade: Understand the meaning of the multiplication. Please study the tables of multiplication.
Fourth grade:
Multiplication and Division in Word Problems, multiples, and factors

Fifth grade:
Read decimals
5th and 4th grade take their computers home to do I ready and it is important to watch the videos I put on teams.

7. Wishlist: Please help us
with snacks.
8. Special thanks to the Jamie Green family for the snacks

I highly appreciate all the support I have been receiving, and I invite you to continue working for the welfare of your children.

Gracias por su apoyo y comprensión.