About Me

  • My name is Odalys Pacheco and I’m your Digital Learning & Teaching Facilitator (DLTF) this year.  I worked at South West High School for six years as a World Language Teacher where I also participated in many leadership roles.  I always loved technology and integrating it in my classroom, that is why I decided to pursue this career now as a DLTF.  I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and resources, and collaborating with you and your students in many class and school projects.  I am here to help you and if I don’t have the solution for something at that moment, I will make it my mission to figuring it out for you.  I understand the pressure and the stress that comes from teaching and staying up-to-date with all new resources so I want to make sure that you know that I can help to ease your work load and still make learning/teaching enjoyable and effective.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help with any instructional technologies.  
    Because we (DLTF's) are now divided into districts you will be able to see other facilitators around collaborating and planning along with me to help with our instructional technology.  I'm responsible for two schools, Southwest High School and Jacksonville Commons Elementary and when needed, at the other district schools and or County Office.  We don't always have set days in our assigned schools; we will be rotating as needed but I will be at my main school, SWHS, for four days and JCES for one day. If you need me to be available at your school, it's easy, all we have to do is set up a date, I'll add it to my calendar and I'll be there. I will try my best to share my calendar/schedule weekly so we can have an idea of where I am. Even if we don't have an appointment, I'm only an email or/and phone call away. 
    A flexible (typical) schedule will be at SWHS on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and at JCES on Tuesdays. I will be rotating weekly between the two schools as needed and every first Friday of the month I will have a meeting at the County Office.
    What can I do for you?
    • Our vision is to lead a strong and comprehensive school instructional technology program which provides tools, resources, and content that promote critical thinkingproblem solving, and information and communications literacy while also making content engaging, relevant, and meaningful to students. Instructional Technology Facilitators encourage student-owned 21st century learning including collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. They enable teaching in all content areas including globalawarenesscivic literacy, financial literacy, and health awareness.


    • I can help you with these Digital Resources & Tools (and more):
      • Edmentum Products & EdCity
      • NCEdCloud
      • SchoolNet
      • PowerSchool/PowerTeacher (and other school management tools: Handbook, NCCloud, NCCES, ASW, etc.)
      • All Microsoft Applications and Add-ins
      • SmartBoard, Promethean and other digital boards
      • Discovery Ed
      • Game, presentation, video, organizational, etc. generators
      • Data analysis and classroom management tools
      • Other online/offline tools
      • School & County Website
      • Troubleshooting software and websites
      • Finding 21st century instructional resources for planning, instructing, assesments and management.