The Science of Reading

  • What is the Science of Reading?

    This is easier if we start with what it is not.

    The Science of Reading is not:

    Standards (what is on the end of grade tests)

    Curriculum (the books and tools)

    A Program that can be bought or downloaded or followed

    The Science of Reading (SOR for short), is pedagogy. That means it is the method or philosophy of how we approach teaching children to read. 

    SOR begins with neuroscience. Understanding how we use our brains to learn to read gives educators the foundation to understanding how to teach reading.

    Did you know that we are not hard-wired to read? We are hard-wired for the spoken language but not for symbolic language. In order to learn to read, we take the part of our brain that used to decode faces when we were infants and rewire it to decode symbols like letters. 



    Is this different from how I was taught to read?

    Yes. Most of us were taught to read using Balanced Literacy pedagogy. You can see some basic differences here:

    Balanced vs. Science