• COLT CALL 05/10/21

    Good Evening Parents, students, and staff,

    This is Joycelyn Cassidy, with your Colt Call for the week of 5.10 to 5.14.

    Letters regarding end of year testing will go home on Monday and will also be posted on the school website.  Please read and review this letter.  Very important information regarding testing days and times is shared.  Students will be released early on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 25-27.

    Parents, if you and your child received an “Adventures” Summer School invitation, please remember to send in your response by 5/10.  If you have questions about the program, please call the school.  The criterion for attendance is based on testing performance data from benchmark and diagnostic assessments and current academic progress from current Report Card grades will be invited to attend.  The “Adventures” program will model a traditional summer school format that will focus on Reading, Math, Science and social/emotional needs. It is a 5-week, full day, program that begins June 15-July 22; 7:30-3:00.  A short Holiday break is scheduled for July 5 to July 9.  Transportation, free breakfast and free lunch will be provided for those attending “Adventures”.  A draft of the letter and registration form is also posted on the school website.

    We have extended early invitations to those students that meet the criterion, however, any student that shows proficiency (level 3 or higher) on their End of Grade tests, and/or demonstrates improvement in their current academic standing to passing grades can opt out of the invitation. 

    A shout out is extended to Josiah Morris and Vincent Rivers for their hard work in meeting their iReady goals for April.  Way to go fellas!  They will receive a free 2020-21 yearbook each. 
    Parents we have one more survey that we need your assistance with.  The link for the Title 1 survey is posted on the website.  In addition, if you are willing, please complete the survey while you are waiting to check out your child at school.       

    2021-22 Encore registration forms were due to be returned last Friday.  If you have not returned the forms, please do so as soon as possible. 

    Only 25 yearbooks are available for purchase.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get yours.  Additional yearbooks will not be ordered this year.  If you would like to purchase one, just send cash, check or money order for $25.00 to SWM. 

    Mark Your Calendar: 
    •    The next track meet will take place on Monday, 5/10 on base. 
    •    Outstanding fees and a list of items due to the Media Center were sent home with progress reports last week.  Please make every effort to clear up fees and return items to the media center before the end of school.

    This ends our Colt call, please enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye.