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Courses Offered for the 2021-2022 School Year

  • Key to Symbols

    *Yearlong courses
    ^ 11/12 grade only
    # Application Required
    ! Seniors Only

Core Classes

English/Language Arts

  • English I

    English I Honors

    English II

    English II Honors

    English III

    English III Honors English IV

    English IV Honors

    AP English III (Lang) 

    AP English IV (Lit)

    Spanish I

    Spanish II

    #^*Journalism I

    #^*Journalism II


  • Math I

    Math I Honors

    Math II

    Math II Honors

    Math III

    Math III Honors

    Math IV

    Math IV Honors

    Pre-Calculus Honors

    AP Calculus AB

    *AP Statistics paired w/ Math IV Honors


  • Earth/Enviro. Science

    Earth/Env. Sci Honors

    Physical Science


    Biology Honors

    Chemistry Honors

    ^Anat & Physiology H

    ^AP Environ Science 

    ^AP Biology

Social Studies

  • World History

    World History Honors Civics/Econ.

    Civics/Econ. Honors

    Civic Literacy

    American History

    American History Honors

    AP US History

    ^Psychology Honors

    AP World History

Skills Center Courses - 1/2 Day at Eastern Regional Skills Center

  • Shuttle bus to/from ERSC

    Admin Approval is Required


    Culinary Arts I and II  (Foods I Strongly Recommended for Culinary Arts I)

    Culinary Arts III and IV

    Game Art Design and Adv. Game Design

    Digital Design & Animation I and Dig. Design & Anim. II

    ^Nursing Fundamentals Hon. (Pre-requisite Health Sci. I & II for Nurs. Fund)

    Network Security I and II Honors

    Welding I and II Hon.

    Welding III and IV Hon.

    Automotive Service and Auto Service I

    Automotive Service II and III

    Collision Repair Fund. and Collision Rep. I

    Collision Repair II Non Structural and Refinishing II

    HVAC/R Hon. I and II

    (Pre-requisite Core and Sustainable for HVAC/R I & II)

    HVAC/R Hon. III and IV Robotics Engin. I and II

Elective Classes

Physical Education

  • Health and PE

    Advanced PE

    Physical Fitness I

    Team Sports

    Weight Training

Performing Arts

  • Band Beginning

    Band Intermediate

    Band Proficient

    Band Advanced

    Orchestra Beginning Orchestra Inter.

    Orchestra Proficient Orchestra Advanced Vocal Music Beg.

    Vocal Music Inter.

    Vocal Music Prof.

    Vocal Music Adv.



Visual Arts

  • Art Beginning

    Art Intermediate

    Art Proficient

    Art Advanced

Career/Tech Ed

  • Accounting II Hon.

    Bus. Management I

    Bus. Management II      

    Entrepreneurship I

    Entrepreneurship II Hon.


    Marketing Applications

    Microsoft Excel Hon.

    Prin. of Bus/Finance

    AP Comp Sci Prin.

    Comp. Science Prin. I

    Comp. Science Prin. II

    Prin.of Family/Hum Ser

    Foods & Nutrition I

    Foods & Nutrition II

    Found. of Health Science

    Health Science I

    Health Science II

    Health Science II Hon.

    Interior Design I

    Interior Design II

    Core & Sust. Const

    Carpentry I

    Carpentry II Hon.

    Carpentry III Hon.

    Drafting I

    Drafting II Hon. (Architr)

    Drafting III H. (Architr)

    Drafting II Hon. (Engin)

    Drafting III Hon. (Engin)

    Emergency Man I

    Emergency Man II Hon.

    ^EMT I

    ^EMT II Hon.

    Fire Fighter I

    Fire Fighter II

    Fire Fighter III Hon.

    Public Safety I

    Public Safety II Hon.

    #! CTE Internship

    !CTE Adv. Studies


  • AVID I



    AVID IV    





    #^CCP @ SWHS 

    ! Early Release

    ! Late Start

    ! December Grad

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