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    Parent and Family Engagement Policy


    Title I Schoolwide School

    The staff at Stateside Elementary believes educating our children should be a continuous collaboration between the home, school, and the community.  Parents are active participants on our School Improvement Team so that feedback can consistently be provided throughout the school year. To ensure further parent and family engagement in the planning and implementation of the Title I program, the following activities will be implemented at Stateside Elementary.

    Written Policy

    Stateside Elementary staff members, parents and families will jointly develop a written Parent and Family Engagement Policy to be distributed annually to parents and families of all children.  This document will be distributed to parents and families by being sent home with students in their first report card envelope this year and being part of the school handbook in subsequent years.  It will be shared at initial meetings for new students.  Review of the policy will occur annually at the Spring Meeting with opportunities for input at the school throughout the spring.

    Parent Compacts

    Compacts (contracts) involving parents, children, teachers, and administrators will be distributed at the beginning of the school year and as new students enroll in order to obtain a commitment to ensure all parties are invested in the educational success of all students. At the end of each year, the school compact will be reviewed and any necessary changes will be made by the School Improvement Team.


    Opportunities for Regular Public Meetings

    Annual Fall Meeting and Annual Spring meetings will be held at Stateside Elementary School.

    An Annual Fall Meeting will be held in conjunction with “Open House” to…

    • Inform parents and families about the school’s facilities and its Title I Schoolwide designation.
    • Inform parents and families of summary results of the prior year’s EOG Testing, if available.
    • Provide parents and families with an overview of the Title I Program.
    • Answer any questions that parents/families may have about the program and/or their students’ performance.

    The Annual Spring Meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual Night of Innovation.

    • To evaluate and/or make improvements on current program or upcoming activities.
    • To solicit input from parents and families in the design and implementation of the School Improvement Plan and Parent and Family Engagement policy for the upcoming year.

    Regular Title I Parent Meetings

    Title I Parent Meetings will be held during the school year to provide continued information, support and resources for parents and families.  Examples include Open House, Night of Innovation and Family Nights.  Parents and families will be strongly encouraged to attend other school events and conferences, volunteer in classroom activities, and observe in the Title I program. Parents are notified of scheduled activities through flyers, newsletters, invitations, SMORE messages, STES webpage, and social media. Packets of information will be available, upon request, for those parents who are unable to attend scheduled events.

    Training Opportunities

    Various trainings are held throughout the year during our parent event nights. Learning strategies are presented by staff through various activities.  Materials and resources may be distributed at the conclusion of these events. Additional training topics are determined by our Needs Assessment data and parent/family suggestions.

    • Reading and math training events are held during the year between the Annual Fall Meeting and Annual Spring meeting dates so state standards, recent assessments, support strategies to improve student achievement, and ways to monitor student progress can be explained.
    • Parents and families will be notified in advance of the scheduled activities.
    • Parents and families may request additional meetings with staff members to address questions or comments.
    • Instructional plans and assessment information will also be communicated to parents and families through newsletters, weekly planners, and teacher websites.
    • Additional support materials for parents/families to use with their children will be available upon request.

    Coordination with Other Programs

    We will meet our goals of establishing liaisons and maintaining communication with other school programs and related external agencies through collaboration and coordination with individuals in those groups and through the following actions:

    • Notifying parents and families of assistance from outside agencies, such as food banks, Salvation Army, church programs for assistance, recreation/sports/arts opportunities, Boy and Girl Scouts, Toys for Tots, the public library and summer programs.
    • Inviting participation by adults from the community into school assemblies and programs with notification via flyers and social media.
    • Enabling distribution of food donated by the community.
    • Supporting participation in school events sponsored by the library/media center, art, music, and physical education teachers at our school.
    • Accessing services as needed through the Crisis Center in Jacksonville.

    Opportunities for LEP and SWD Parents

    We will assist parents and families, with limited English proficiency and/or with disabilities, in the opportunity to participate in their children’s educational curriculum and environment.

    • Spanish versions of district forms, as well as “Reading Connection” and “Math and Science Connection” will be provided through Federal Programs at Central Services.
    • A Spanish version of Stateside’s Compact will be provided to parents.
    • Staff members will serve as translators, when necessary, during parent conferences and when making phone calls home.

     Coordination and Integrating Parent Involvement

    At Stateside Elementary, we coordinate our programs and activities with the following staff and programs to support parent and family participation in the education of their children:

    • Head Start
    • English Language Learners/EL District leaders
    • School nurse, counselor, military liaison, social worker
    • Public preschool
    • Parent and Family Resource Center
    • Onslow County Schools/Preschool Information Transition Fair
  • Stateside Elementary School is fortunate to receive federal funds as a Schoolwide Title 1 School. Funds are allocated based upon the number of students in attendance who receive free or reduced lunch. If you’re interested in applying, you can do so online or in the front office. At Stateside, funds have been used to provide; additional technology in each of our K-2 classrooms, reading instructional materials, a part-time tutor for 4th and 5th grade students and professional development for teachers. If you’d like more information about our Title 1 program, please contact Jennifer.neal@onslow.k12.nc.us.

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