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    Super Hero Day 



    Dinosaur Day 



    Camping Day 



    Beach Day 



    Virtual Field Day 

    Activity 1 

    Today is Super Hero Day! Start by finding out your Super Hero name for the day! Use the Monday- Super Hero tab to access the activity. Once you find your name draw and write about your Super Hero. Have Fun! 





    Today is Dinosaur Day! Lets start our day with a great read aloud.  


    Watch the read aloud Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug. After watching the read aloud, write a short personal narrative about a time you had a hard time or felt you couldn’t do something. Remember to give details, add transitions words, and make it entertaining. 


    Tiny T Rex  and The Impossible Hug (Read Aloud) | Storytime Dinosaur stories by Jonathan Stutzman 



    Today is Camping day!! Lets start our day out with making a fort inside. You will need blankets, sheets, pillows, and of course a good book to read! Here is a video on some ideas on how to build your fort.  


    How to Make a Blanket Fort 


    Once your fort is built and you have your book, get someone to read your book too. This can be mom, dad, grandma, sister, or brother. RIght now you are the teacher so at the end of the story make sure to ask them some questions like who the characters are? What was their favorite part and why? What was the lesson? Have fun with it and enjoy a little indoor camping! 

    Today we will be taking a trip to the beach!   


    When we take a trip to the beach there is so much fun to be had! You can build sand castles and jump into the water but the beach is so much more than just that.  The ocean covers most of our planet and there are so many different animals that live there!  


    Let's begin by checking out our ocean and wildlife right here at Topsail Island! 


    2019 Sea Turtle Release Topsail Island 



    Now let's learn more about sea turtles! Watch these two videos about sea turtles.  


    Turtle Time! | What Sam Sees 



    Sea Turtles 101 | National Geographic 



    Now that we learned about Sea Turtles, lets write down some interesting facts!  



    Today is our Virtual Field Day! 

    You will need comfortable athletic clothes, sneakers, water, sunscreen (if needed) and family/friends.  


    The virtual field day grid is available in the Friday-Virtual field day tab. Students will complete as many activities as they can. As they complete activities record them on the chart and add up the points.  


    Provided are some dance songs, examples of exercises and instructions for many of the activities.  


    Send your final number of points to your teacher. Also if you have any pictures please send them so your teacher can see how much fun you had! 


    *Don’t forget to take water breaks and do a cool down after  you completed your virtual field day.  







    Activity 2 

    Have fun solving these SUPER math problems! The task cards can be downloaded and printed in the Monday tab. 



    Watch this cool video telling us all about Dinosaurs. After watching write one new word you learned and what it means. Then write one fact you learned about dinosaurs from watching this video.  


    Dinosaurs for Kids | Learn about Dinosaur History, Fossils, Dinosaur Extinction and more! 




    For this activity you can choose one story to watch or if you would like watch all the stories. Once you are done I would love for you to draw a picture of where you want to camp and write about what you would like to do while you camp. For example maybe roast some marshmallows, go fishing, or swim in a lake.  


    Pete the Cat Goes Camping - Children's Stories Read Aloud - Pete the Cat Books 



    Kids Book Read Aloud | A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen | Ms. Becky's Storytime 


    ﷟HYPERLINK "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVjxpwLI84I"Peppa Pig and the Camping Trip - Read Aloud Books for Toddlers, Kids & Children 



    Let's begin this activity by reading a book about a silly squirrel and his trip to the beach! Watch the read aloud Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach.  


    Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach by Melanie Watt  




    For this activity I want you to draw a picture and write about the perfect trip to the beach. Make sure to include details! 




    2 point Activities: 


    • Make a paper airplane and see how far it will fly. 
    • Go on a bike ride or nature walk. 
    • Play rock, paper, scissors. 
    • Do jumping jacks for 1 minute 



    Today's Read-Aloud:  

    Even Superheroes Have Bad Days 

    By: Shelly Becker 

    Illustrated By: Eda Kaban 


    After listening to the story for today, write and draw about things you could do next time you have a bad day. Talk about the things some of the heroes did in the story. 


    Lets take a dance break! Join Koo Koo Kanga Roo in doing the Dinosaur Stomp. 


    Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long) 



    Here are two math games to play. These are available under the Tuesday Dinosaur Day tab. You may print them and play with someone at home. The instructions for each game are on the game board.  




    Today we will be practicing place value with marshmallows. We will need two different sizes,  large ones to represent tens and small ones for ones. (If you want to make it even more challenging add giant marshmallows to represent the hundreds place.) 

    Place a random number of each size marshmallows in front of your child and have them figure out what the number is. Record your answer on the record sheet you can either print it or draw your own record sheet. Once you fill up your paper don’t forget to tell me which number is the largest and which is the smallest! 

     (If you don’t have marshmallows on hand or can't get any you can use any items you have available.) 


    *All files that need to be printed can be found in the folder to the left that says Wednesday- Camping Day* 


    One question that a lot of us may ask is: WHY is the ocean salty?!  Let's take a look at this video that explains why the ocean is salty!  


    Why is the ocean salty? 



    Today we will create ocean water and see how it effects the buoyancy of an egg.  


    (Buoyancy: the ability or tendency to float in water or air or some other fluid.) 


    What happens when an egg is put into water with different amounts of salt? 


    You will need clear cups, salt, water, and eggs to complete this experiment.  



    1. Set up 3 clear cups with water.  
    2. The first cup will not have salt, the second cup will have 1.5 tablespoons of salt added and the third cup will have 4 tablespoons of salt.  **You may need to adjust salt amount to get desired results** 
    3. Before you place the eggs into each cup write down your hypothesis of what will happen to each egg in the different cups (record on worksheet).   
    4. Now place the eggs into each cup and record results.  Discuss what effects the salt has on the egg.  

    **If you wish to print this worksheet is under Thursday-Beach Day** May copy onto blank paper. 

    5 point Activities: 


    • Do the standing long jump 3 times. How far did you jump? 
    • See how far you can throw a frisbee or ball. 
    • FREE CHOICE! Write what you did here:__________ 
    • Practice dribbling a soccer ball or basketball for 3 minutes. 


    Activity 4  

    Did you know Super Heroes use science just like we do? Let's experiment! Choose which Super Hero you want to experiment with: 


    Aquaman: Make an ocean in a bottle 


    1. Put glitter* and shells in plastic bottle. If you haven’t been to a beach lately, you can get tiny seashells here. 
    2. Use funnel and fill bottle half-full with water. 
    3. Add a few drops of blue and/or green coloring. 
    4. Pour oil in bottle an inch or so. clear oil like this is best, otherwise your ocean will be a bit yellow. 
    5. Screw cap on tight (secure with glue or tape, if desired) 
    6. Swish bottle back and forth to watch the waves! 

    Watch the video!  Ocean in a Bottle 


    Superman: Strength Experiment 

    Balancing Act - Sick Science! #127 


    Flash: Make a balloon rocket 

    Make a Balloon Rocket 




    A lot of what we have learned about dinosaurs today have come from finding fossils. Did you know you can make your own fossils at home? Well you can! Here are the instructions for making fossils at home. You may use a dinosaur or any small toy to make your fossil. Have fun! 


    To make dinosaur fossils, you only need a few things to get started: flour, salt (we used kosher salt), water, and mini dinosaurs. That’s it! See the recipe and instructions below: 


    • 1 cup salt 
    • 1 cup flour 
    • 1/2 cup warm water 


    Combine flour and salt together in a medium sized bowl. Then, add water and mix. Knead with your hands until you have a ball of dough. After making dough, roll out a small ball and press down with the palm of your hand. 

    Have the child press small dinosaurs or small toy into the dough, but gently enough that the dinosaur does not go all the way through the dough. 

    Remove the dinosaur after pressing to reveal a “dinosaur fossil.” Bake in a 350 degree oven until the dough starts to turn brown. This may take 30-60 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the dough 


    From <https://theprimarybrain.com/science/2019/01/31/Making-Dinosaur-Fossils/>  



    One of my favorite things I get to see when I go camping is fireflies. It is so much fun trying to catch them. The following read aloud is a fun story about fireflies 

    IT'S A FIREFLY NIGHT Read Aloud Book for Kids 



    Now that you are done with the read aloud complete this statement "If I caught a firefly in a jar..."  

    You can either write it on your own paper of print out this version.  

    Now  lets "catch" some fireflies in our own jar. You will need to print a copy of the blank jar or just draw one on a white piece of paper. You will need to cut out the jar including the inside and glue on a black sheet of paper. Using your finger, dip it in yellow or glow in the dark paint to make the wings of the fireflies and then use a pen to draw the body. Here is an example of what it should look like.  

    Now you have your very own jar of fireflies!  


    *All files that need to be printed can be found in the folder to the left that says Wednesday- Camping Day* 

    Let's get creative! Create a Handprint Beach Scene by creating some ocean creatures of your own and creating a beach. 


    Have the student draw a wavy line around the middle of the paper. This will allow for one side to be the ocean and the other to be sand.  Have students choose two different colors of paint for their creatures.  One creature can be a jelly fish (Fingers facing down) and a fish (fingers facing right or left) on the ocean side.  Also have students put paint on their three middle fingers to make seashells in the sand.   

    Allow the paint to dry and then students can decorate and finish their artwork!  



    10 point Activities: 


    • Create and play hopscotch. 
    • Do as many mountain climbers as you can. 
    • Play hide and seek with your family 
    • Get a laundry basket and a ball. How many shots can you throw in? 


    Activity 5 

    Dance Break: Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Superheroes Unite (Dance-A-Long) 



    After dancing, you should be inspired to create your own super hero scene. Check out the example below there are additional examples in the Monday tab. Start creating and have some fun! 



    Lets draw! Here is a tutorial on how to draw a dinosaur using shapes. Share your completed artwork with your class. Be creative! 


    How To Draw A Dinosaur With Shapes 



    Lets play flashlight math! 

    This game can have 2-4 players.  

    You will need addition or subtraction cards (they can be found in the resource tab Wednesday- Camping Day) 

    Divide the cards between all the players. All players flip over one card at the same time. Solve the addition or subtraction problems and decide which has the highest sum. The first player to shine his/her flashlight on the math problem gets to keep all the cards. This can also be played with regular playing card and shine the flashlight on the greatest number.  


    *All files that need to be printed can be found in the folder to the left that says Wednesday- Camping Day* 

    Let's do math!  I love to practice addition problems! Here are some fun activities that you can complete with a family member or complete as independent practice. Pick one and have fun with adding! Instructions on how to play are on the board games.  

    **If you wish to print these games, they are under Thursday-Beach Day**  



    15 point Activities: 


    • Run from one side of your year to the other. Do this 3 times.  
    • Have a family race or egg race with your family.  
    • Have a dance party. Dance for the whole song! 

    1 point for every 10 seconds Activity: 


    • See how long you can jump rope or do high knees for. 


    Activity 6 


    Enjoy this virtual field trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of National History. While your there explore the David H. Koch Hall of Fossils. There is so much to see and learn. Happy exploring! 




    Come check out this fun virtual field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific which is located in California!  Check on different animals to see what they are doing! Click the link below to take you to visit sharks, penguins, and so much more! If you have time explore the website to find more fun things!