As 21st century learners, it is important that our students learn to be safe and responsible while online. The following content is taught using Common Sense Media lessons as well as supplemental lessons, assignments, and resources.


    Creative Credit & Copyright:
    - respecting work of others
    - copyright & fair use
    - giving credit to the sources used
    - plagiarism
    - appropriate and correct use of the works of others

    - appropriate responses to cyberbullying
    - impact of actions: positive & negative
    - role of an upstander, taking action on behalf of others
    - positive and negative online behaviors
    - how to avoid cyberbullying and hurtful behavior

    Digital Footprint:
    - protecting your privacy & respecting the privacy of others
    - permanency and impact of digital footprint
    - positive and negative digital footprints
    - use of T.H.I.N.K. strategy before posting

    Information Literacy:
    - search strategies
    - evaluating websites/resources
    - giving credit for resources

    Internet Safety, Security and Responsible Use:
    - personal safety
    - online stranger danger
    - private information
    - passwords
    - balanced use