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    Welcome to the home page of Northside Men's Soccer! Monarch Soccer is all about leaving the mark of the Monarch. Please feel free to browse your program area for more information. Below you can find our player contract that demonstrates what a Monarch is all about!



    “Mark of the Monarch”

    4 Virtues of a Monarch are:

    As you become a Monarch you will need to understand and embody these virtues.

    Ambition is more than just wanting to do something. It says that you are determined to do something no matter the obstacles in the way.

    Devotion is loyalty to a cause. You need to be devoted to this team and to yourself. Devotion to a cause always starts with devotion to one self.

    Fortitude is bravery in the face of adversity. Life is going to kick you while your down and it is hard. Showing courage in the face of defeat, in the face of injury, in the face of conflict is a large step to overcoming limitations and to overcome.

    Wisdom is having the knowledge to make good judgements. This does not mean you have to know everything, quite the opposite. Wisdom comes from the heart more so than anywhere else. One KNOWS it is right or wrong. Sometimes knowledge comes just from giving something time to reflect. 

    A MONARCH, on this team, fall into lots of roles: daughter, sister, STUDENT, athlete, son, brother and other roles. A Monarch is a Ruler and even a Conqueror. We are Warriors and we will act as such in EVERY role that we have. This is a requirement. Out of those 4 possible roles an athlete is on the bottom of the list. If you cannot fit those other roles into your life then you should not play soccer for Northside and you should make sure those other roles take precedent.

    Becoming a Monarch is no easy task and it is a LARGE commitment.
    Players are expected to be at all training sessions, fundraiser events, team building, study sessions, etc.
    With this said ACADEMICS COME FIRST. If a player is saying that they cannot stay for a soccer game because they have a project due then that person was not responsible with their time (minus extreme situations of course) and will be held accountable for not having the ambition and devotion to their academics to get their work done in the proper time.

    You are expected to embody these virtues. In order to help you on the path to becoming a Monarch you will follow these rules:

    • There will be no cussing at any soccer related event. This includes the bus, training sessions, games, restaurants, fundraisers, etc. (Wisdom)
    • You MUST try hard at all times. (Devotion and Ambition)
    • You must be at all training sessions and required games (Devotion and Ambition)
    • Upperclassmen will spend mentor time with Freshman. (Wisdom)
    • You must follow assignments given (water, cones, balls, uniforms, etc) (Devotion)
    • You must understand your place and do your best to grow in any circumstance you are in (Fortitude) and bring any concerns up to the coaching staff (Ambition)
    • You must be positive to teammates. (Wisdom and Devotion)



    • If a player is late and did not communicate that individual will miss that much playing time in the next game.
    • If a player is late, communicated, but the reason was not good, the player will have the same consequence.
    • If a player is late, communicated early, and had a valid reason, no consequence will occur.
    • If a player misses training without communicating except for absolute emergencies, that player will have a 1-game suspension. The second time there will be a conference held to determine if she should remain on the team.
    • If a player misses training with a reason, but not an excused reason that player will not start and will sit at least 20 minutes of the game.
    • If a player misses training with communication and a valid reason, no consequence will be given.


    • If a player is late and did not communicate, she will miss the entire game.
    • If a player is late, communicated, but the reason was not good she will miss the entire game.
    • If a player misses the bus, she will miss the entire game.
    • If a player misses a game without communication and without an excuse that player will immediately be considered off the team and a conference will be held to determine the circumstances.
    • If a player misses a game with communication and without an excused reason she will be suspended from the next game and will not dress out and her name will not appear on the roster for that game.
    • If a player misses a game with communication and an excused reason no consequence will be given.
    • Players who miss training and are missing games as a result of that consequence will ball boy for the entirety of that game.
    • **NOTE: excused reasons are only emergencies / life altering events**


    ** NOTE: We will leave on time, the only thing that will stop us is the bus being late, at which point we will leave as soon as it is ready** Also, if a player is left for being late and they do not show up for the game it will count as missing the game without a reason. I now have my bus license and we will leave at the time I communicate with players every game.

    Behavior issues will be handled in a case by case style. If it requires a more serious consequence the assistant coach and I will have a conference with the athlete and let them know. The coach who was “dealing” with the consequence will take the lead and the other coach will support. We will let parents know what the consequence will be. Please understand that some behaviors/actions are beyond our control and will have to be turned over to Athletic Director Charles Lindsey. Once games have started and the season is underway running will not be a consequence. Grades will be requested at the release of every report card. Any student who is not maintaining the proper academics will not play until they can show a progress report of improvement signed by their parents. Possible consequences can be: sitting half of a game, sitting a whole game, losing a starting spot, being asked to do certain jobs (help line field, ball boy, gathering uniforms), etc.


    ** Please remember that playing time is not a requirement for High School athletics. Playing time is earned and is not a given right. We try to be as competitive as possible at the High School level. We cannot promise each player will play every game. We do not have a Junior Varsity program for the Spring Soccer season. As such, some players have been asked to help be apart of the growing processes to step into a Varsity role next year. This does not exclude them from being eligible from play and have received a jersey. Every athlete was chosen to fill a TEAM role for the Varsity Soccer program. **


    Coach Ramsey