Children Singing
  • Hello Mustangs,

           It has been so good seeing you on campus and being able to say hello again. A lot of you have been asking about Chorus and if we will be able to have it this year. As of right now, we are not allowed to meet in person or sing together as a group. I am very sad about it as well, but I have been doing research and working on an idea:)

    I am hoping we will be able to do a virtual choir this year. We can pick some songs, practice at home and then you guys can record yourselves singing and I can piece it all together. I do not have all the details planned yet, but I am continuing to figure some details out. 

    Once I have it up and running, I will reach out and see who would like to be a part of it.  So, keep your eyes pegged for updates throughout the school year. 


    Mrs. Johnson

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