• Our Vision:

    Positive People

    Positive Energy

    Positive Results


    Our Mission

    T---Together we learn how to

    E---Encourage others and

    A---Appreciate the differences that

    M---Make a positive impact


    Our Values

    1. We will take personal responsibility for our actions, not blaming others or complaining, but feeling empowered to take risks and make the necessary changes to get the results we desire.

    2. We will set positive personal and academic goals as we become active participants in the learning process.

    3. We will discover our unique talents and how we can utilize these gifts to determine our purpose. 

    4. We will focus on revealing ways to become a more positive person while learning how our behavior can impact everyone in the learning community.

    5. We will look at ways to turn challenges into great opportunities for learning and growth.

    6. We will focus on seeing the true gift in every person we meet as we find ways to serve our school and our community.

    7. We will reinforce the importance of living a happy and healthy life.