School Dance Information

  • School dances are extracurricular, admission-charging events typically open to all grade levels (NBMS only). Some special dances have additional restrictions. Participation is not based on any particular class enrollment. Behavior restrictions apply. Interested students should see any teacher.

    A few reminders about NBMS school dances:


    • Students who have been assigned or who have served in-school suspension (ISS), or out-of-school suspension (OSS) in the two weeks prior to a dance are not eligible to attend. School conduct expectations apply. While a list will be compiled on the day of the dance, students should be aware of their own discipline records.
    • Student dances begin at 2:45 PM and are over by 4:15 PM. Students must be picked up on time. Students not picked up by 4:30 PM may not be permitted to attend future dances.
    • Students should follow the rules for "Dress Down" explained in the Uniform Dress Code Policy for New Bridge Middle School.
    • Dancing must be clean and in keeping with our school values (no close dancing, no displays of affection, no obscene or vulgar movements).
    • School rules apply before, during, and after-school dance, even if the dance is not on school property.
    • Cellphones are not permitted.
    • Admission to standard school dances is $4.00. Food and soda may be purchased for $2.00.