• STEM at Hunters Creek Elementary


    STEM Academy


    The faculty and staff at Hunters Creek have prepared a series of STEM Academies for all students. We are excited to provide opportunities for our students to experiment and learn various aspects of science and engineering. The STEM Academies will meet two days each month for 45 minutes for kindergarten and first grade students to 75 minutes for fourth and fifth grade students. The goals of each academy will support student achievement in math, reading, science, and/or social studies.

    The students can select from a variety of academies that will allow them to work with different teachers and schoolmates. They will learn to use scientific instruments, participate in experiments, and conduct research to gather and analyze data. We know these are lofty goals and high expectations, but with teacher planning and guidance, the children will learn to work together with their peers, expand their knowledge of science, and learn engineering processes.

    The Engineering Design Process developed by the Boston Museum of Science is the problem-solving process that our students will use during STEM Academy and general science instruction. This process is also used in the Engineering is Elementary Program adopted by the HCE STEM program to provide learning opportunities in this area of science.

    The faculty and staff are very enthusiastic about presenting these learning opportunities for the students at Hunters Creek. We expect this part of the STEM program to continue to evolve, becoming a major component in science and math instruction.