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  • The Book Fair is Coming!

    Posted by Melissa Light on 11/30/2021
    The Book Fair is coming! The Book Fair is coming!
    That's right, the Scholastic Book Fair is coming back to Hunters Creek Middle. The book fair will be in the library media center December 3rd-10th.
    For more information and online shopping opportunities, please visit our book fair website:
    Books give us thrills
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  • What is Ms. Light Reading Now?

    Posted by Melissa Light on 12/17/2020

    So I just finished When Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed.

    I was excited to read this graphic novel because the setting is Kenya and I lived there for 2 years while volunteering with the US Peace Corps. This story focuses on a refugee camp. Our main characters are refuges from Somalia. This is Omar's story and it describes the years he spent in a refugee camp.

    While I never went to a refugee camp during my time with the Peace Corps, I was not unaware of what these camps were like. I also had met several Somalis who talked about their lives in Somalia. I was curious as to how Jamieson (author of Roller girl, which is a great story) would breathe a graphic life into this story. I connected with many of the references made throughout the story. As a teacher there, I could relate to the school situation. I knew many schools were overcrowded to where there were not enough seats for students. I undersand how a student could get into secondary school but may not be able to attend for lack of funds and uniforms. 

    As I said before, this is Omar's story but Jamieson created other characters to to represent the people of the camp and help flesh out this world. Ones, that I am sad to see where not real because I wanted to know what happened to them. Luckily we are able to know what happened to Omar and his brother Hassan.

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