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Art Education Art History Mathematics and Language Arts

Zach Borge


Be Creative, Respectful, Brave, and Have Fun

ARt is an expression of who you are, so do not be afraid to show us.

 CHeck out my other pages and below for some exciting opportunities this year at OVS.

 I will run an afterschool painting club for students who have ther own paints and rushes and want to learn a few cool painting techniques. I will be using Acrylic paints, Assorted brush sets that include a pallette knife and a fan brush (these sets of 25 pieces are available at Michaels for 4.99). Kids can paint on any surface, but I would recommend something sturdier than regular paper. (wood, cardboard, posterboard, bristol vellum drawing pads, watercolor paper, etc.) I mainly use canvases and posterboard. DON'T SPEND A FORTUNE.....CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

and finally.....

If you were not selected to be in an art class this year, feel free to email me and I may be able to add you in as an independant study, meaning you can participate in the class but not receive a grade. Include your reasons why you wish to take art and any art experience you have had already, and I am always interested in seeing your artwork if you want to send along any files or images.




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