• Just a few reminders

    Computers are a tool to be used to aid your child on their academic journey. If they are not using their computer appropriately, I reserve the right to take it from them. I also reserve the right assign a consequence for their misuse of the computer. It is encouraged that you speak to your child daily about appropriate computer use at school. 


    Students need to be using class time to their advantage. In fifth grade, we believe strongly in taking responsibilty for your learning. If you find students are not completing their work, then it is highly encouraged that you have those conversations with your child about WHY the work is not being completed. Students have access to power school and are welcome to check their grades at any time. Assignments are clearly posted in the classroom for students and often times can be viewed on Teams. Students have been taught how to add reminders and assignments to their calendars and make notes on their computers, so they can use these tools to keep track of assignments. 


    The general expectation is that masks are to be worn at all times in the buildings and even while at recess. Students are expected to abide by these rules. 




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