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    Operations & Facilities
    Operations & Facilities

    We are a section of the Onslow County School System with specific characteristics known by every person within the organization. These characteristics include:

    Every employee is empowered with the responsibility and flexibility to do their job.

    Every employee is well trained to perform their job.

    Every employee is given the physical tools necessary to perform their job to the best of their ability.

    Employees demonstrate tack and professionalism regardless of their position, and are considered professionals regardless of their position, due in part to our high standards of customer service.

    Decisions are guided by carefully constructed long-range plans and are justifiable to our customers and the general public.

    As a part of the school system, we further:

    • Safety - of staff and students
    • Economy - being wise stewards of tax dollars
    • Efficiency - stretching every dollar to its limit
    • Effectiveness - meeting our mission goals of excellence and providing the stage from which Instruction can perform 

Onslow County Schools District Strategic Plan

  • Click HERE for the Onslow County Schools District Strategic Plan.

    Click HERE for the Onslow County Schools Mission, Vision, and Goals. 

Proposed FY 2015-2016 Budgets

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