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Ms. Beth Howard

Pictures with a Purpose

Summer can be an amazing time full of adventures and activities, but sometimes you just want to sit back and doodle.  Pictures with a Purpose will give you a focus for your drawing experiences. This is a list of Themes that you can use to create a composition by adding an item a day to your picture. Once you add the background and some color, you will have a Masterpiece!  By the end of the summer, you could have a collection of completed drawings. When school reopens, I would love to take a look at what you have created and then you will be entered in a contest to win some nice prizes.  Happy Drawing and I’ll see you in August. 

Love, Ms. Howard


Cute Eye Cartoon - Cartoon Eyes And Nose, HD Png Download ...

Did you notice?  If you go to the Class Resources link, I flipped it over and now all the newest things are at the TOP!  Woo Hoo!  Keep checking, I am going to put up something that, if you print it out, you can do throughout the summer. 


 Memorial Day 2020 |


 Create and display your own American Flag on Memorial Day and everyday!


May The 4th Be With You! |



Earth Day Festival 2020 – Kids in the Kitchen |   


4/22/20- Happy Earth Day!  I hope you have a great one and get outside and enjoy our beautiful Earth!  I miss and love you all more than the clear blue skies! LOVE, Ms. Howard 


 3/17/20- Hi guys!  This will be a way for us to communicate while we are out of school for the next couple of weeks. I will be missing my hugs and drawings from you, so if you want to take pictures of your "stay at home masterpieces" attach them to your e-mails!  I will be checking my page daily, beginning tomorrow 3/18, and having some fun art activities that you can do at home under the Resources tab. Stay safe and keep creating! 


4/6/20- Hi everyone!  I have enjoyed hearing from many of you after you have gone to some of the sites I have posted and seeing your completed artwork.  This week I am going to add some Seasonal/Holiday activities which integrate ART and SCIENCE!  Two of my favorite things. :0) Keep watching! I miss you guys more than you know! Love, Ms. Howard

4/9/20 - OK... I spent the day learning, yes learning, how I can make a video to explain the activities to you for the weekend.  I know you are on Vacay now, but in case you look... there will be something tomorrow for the weekend. Stay safe! I Love you more than a basket of eggs!  Ms. Howard


Ms. Howard has been a teacher at Dixon Elementary for 37 years. She has taught in the regular classroom as well as in the visual arts program so it is quite easy to see why she loves to integrate all subject areas into her "ART" program. She is a graduate of UNC-W with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Art and Science. 
She is:  National Board Certified 2005 and again in 2015 
            Onslow County Teacher of the Year 2007 
            North Carolina South East Regional Teacher of the Year 2007/2008
            Trainer with the North Carolina Teacher Academy 
            Volunteer with the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital at Topsail Island since 1998
She loves to travel and any chance to explore the outdoors!  She lives in Wilmington and has one son Bobby and granddaughter Rylie.                                                                                                                                                                            The Mission of the Visual Arts Program is to allow children to participate in as many different cultural art experiences as possible during their elementary years encouraging students to become creative global learners!