Señora  Loria

    Hello! Hola!

    My name is María Loretto Loría, but everybody knows me as Señora Loría. I am the DLI Spanish teacher for second and third combo.

    I was born and raised in Costa Rica, Central America. It is a neutral country with no army, full of volcanos, beautiful beaches and biodiversity. Four years ago, I accepted the challenge to become an international teacher, and moved to NC with my husband.

    I’ve been teaching for more than 25 years, and this will be my fifth year in CEEMS.

    I love to travel, to meet new people and to learn the culture and history of different places. I incorporate the new learning of my travels to my classes, to give my students a global 21st century view of the world.

    It’s my best interest to provide my students with a safe nurturing environment that lead them to academic success and personal growth.

    I’m proud to be part of Clyde Erwin family and Jacksonville community. It feels like home here.

  • News and Updates


    For third grade the assigned lessons for this week are as follows:
    IReady: "Add and subtract within 1000"
    RazKIds: "Lo que viene de las plantas"
    Vocabulary words of the week: flores, hojas, raices, semilla, tallo, polinizadores, fruto, absorve, nutrientes.

    For second grade  on line assignments are : Subtract with number lines in Iready and "Las estaciones cambian" in RazKids.
    Vocabulary words are: diez, veinte, treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, sesenta, setenta, ochenta, noventa , mil.


    I'm so excited that we all are coming back to school for 4 days a week tomorrow!
    Some announcements for this week: There are not more virtual lessons on Wednesday. Students will have one assigned lesson in Math Iready, one assigned book in Razkids and one or two worksheets in the homework folder ( We will keep using the remote instruction folder). Homework will go home on Tuesdays and should be turned in by the following Monday.
    There is Vocabulary dictation quiz this Friday 23rd . You can find practice on Teams- Matematicas- Files.
    If you have any question , let me know.
    Have a wonderful week!!


    Hello dear parents,
    This week is full of activities. To close the Hispanic Heritage month DLI student will participate in a Latin music dance class, we will also make a Lantern Parade ( for both cohorts) commemorating the independence of Central American countries.

    Our second graders will make sweet milk treats combining viscous liquid ( condensed milk) and solids(powdered milk, coconut and sprinkles) to close states of matter unit.
    Attached is the vocabulary list for this week. Next week they will have spelling dictation quiz.

    There is multiplication tables quiz ( tables from 3 to 6) for third graders this week
    Have a wonderful week!


    Some reminders for this week:
    Weekly assigned books in Raz Kids have a completion grade. Raz Kids assignment of the week: second grade" El agua de la tierra"/ third grade "La celebracion en familia de Maria"
    PBIS celebration is on Tuesday 29 for cohort A and Thursday 1st for cohort B.
    Thursday is Cici's Pizza night.
    There is multiplication tables quiz this week ( tables from 5 to 8) for third graders.


    Some announcements for this week:
    Lockdown drill for cohort A on Tuesday September 22.
    Please check daily Teams for interactive lessons during home days.
    Remember to do one Xtramath and one IReady lesson daily.
    Raz Kids assignment of the week: second grade" Mi Cuerpo"/ third grade "Hacer Trabajo"
     Raz Kids assignments have a completion grade.

    Multiplication  tables this week: tables from 5 to 8.Remembre
    Have a fantastic week!

    9/14/ 2020

    Happy Monday!!
    Some announcements for this week:
    *Third grades have multiplication tables quiz( factors 1 to 4)
    * Science quiz on force and motion.
    *Students are assigned one book in Raz Kids per week, this is a must, and has a completion grade. Students are encouraged to read at least 3 more books a week according to their reading level.
    * Please remember students need to do one Xtramath lesson daily.
    * Remember to log in Teams and do Interactive Lesson during home days. There are assigned lessons that need to be done.


    Picture day is tomorrow Tuesday 8th  and this Friday11th . Students should be in uniform.
    Beginning this week, there will only be prerecorded lessons and interactive activities to do during home days. There will be live class only on Wednesdays as schedule. Remote activities will be posted in Teams

    Third graders: Multiplication tables quiz next week on Sep. 14th and 17th. Tables from 1 to 4.

    Science vocabulary quiz on September 15th and 18th.


    This week Third grades will do EOG. Cohort A September 1st and Cohort B September 3rd. 

    Last Friday all second graders were sent home with their laptops and chargers, those devices should stay at home to work during remote days. Students will work at school with the class laptops (those must remain at school)



    Today was sent home the Remote Learning folder with work for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I also sent home sheets with the student's OCS credentials and instructions to log in Xtramath and Razkids. We practiced in class, but I also want you to have that information for your supervision at home.
    For this week we will not have live class tomorrow (Wednesday) As soon as we are ready to go, I'll let you know.