Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Elaine Mansfield


I was born in Jamestown, New York and lived there with my husband and 2 daughters until 2007.  Our daughters are both grown now and live in the Raleigh area.  Ever since my daughters were young, I have valued and cherished early learning and the wonder of it all!  It has never left me - and I hope it never does.  Some of the most valuable and meaningful moments come at this tender time in life and I am looking forward to the amazing school year ahead!


Ms. Elaine and Ms. Jessica



In Western New York, I taught Kindergarten for 1 year at my church (Levant Wesleyan Church), Preschool for 5 years in a facility contracted by the Chautauqua County School System, then special education for 1 1/2 years in the Falconer School System (grades 3-6).  I am beginning my 15th teaching year in the Onslow County School system.  I originally taught preschool for 7 years at Queens Creek, went to Thompson Early Childhood Center for 7 years, and am now excited to be back at QCE!  I am looking forward to working with my assistant, Ms. Jessica, and value her experience and knowledge of early childhood education!


I attended school in Western New York and received a Bachelor's Degree to teach PK to Grade 6 from the State University of New York (SUNY) in Fredonia.  I received my Master's Degree in Special Education from birth to Grade 6 at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA.