• Week of 9/14/20

    Posted by Amanda Chamberlain on 9/14/2020

    Happy Monday!!! 

    We have made it four weeks into school and I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for being so supportive. 

    In Math we have been learning about place value and this week we started learning about rounding to the nearest tens and nearest hundreds place. This week in math we also started our multiplication cards. These cards will be used for students to help master their multiplication facts!

    In ELA we have begun learning how readers ask and answer questions about fictional stories. We have looked at different types of questions and have even created our own questions about different stories and passages that we have read. Cohort A was given their Word Study spelling words (it is located in TEAMS) and they will test on their spelling words every Monday. Cohort B will receive their spelling list on Thursday and will begin having their spelling tests on Thursdays. 

    For Unit of Study we have been learning about good citizens and are now spending this week learning about different levels and branches of government. 

    A few important reminders/announcements:

    **IMPACT AID cards were sent with Cohort A TODAY!!! Please fill these out in either pencil, blue or black ink pen and send these back tomorrow. **Cohort B will get theirs on Thursday and will be asked to bring their cards back on Friday, Sept. 18. I have to have these turned in next week so please help with turning them in :)

    **Interim reports go home this week. Please keep in mind that students in third grade have been completing several beginning of year assessments so you may not see as many grades as you would normally see. 

    **If you are able to send in extra water or individual snacks, and clorox/lysol wipes it would be much appreciated. 

    Thank you all so much for helping make the start of the 2020-2021 school year such a success. You are all amazing. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

    Ms. C :)

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  • Week of 9/8

    Posted by Amanda Chamberlain on 9/8/2020

    Happy Labor Day Week:

    Here are some updates from Ms. Chamberlain

    *We are now going LIVE in TEAMS on Wednesdays beginning at 8:30am. If you can't join live, please make sure to watch the recording. 

    * PLEASE make sure students are completing remote work that is sent home. If students aren't completing their remote work, it makes it seem that they are "absent". It's also essential for them to return the work when they come back so that I best know how to help them (since I only see them two days)

    *Also, interim reports are supposed to go home next week. Please keep in mind that we have been completing beginning of year assessments to see where students are, so there may not be as many grades as you would normally see. Remote work is part of students' grades also...if students aren't returning this or completing it, it could highly effect their grade. 

    * More assignments will begin to be pushed out through TEAMS in the "assignments" tab. I have shown students how to access them. :) 

    * Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all for being amazing and so supportive. 


    Ms. C

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  • August 31st Updates

    Posted by Amanda Chamberlain on 8/31/2020

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  • Ms. C's Class Newsletter

    Posted by Amanda Chamberlain on 8/24/2020

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  • Welcome Back to School!!!

    Posted by Amanda Chamberlain on 8/13/2020

    Welcome Back to School!!! I am so excited that we finally get to be together again.  I know school will look a little different and I know there will be so many challenges, but together, we will get through it. 

    *Cohort A - your first day F2F is Monday, August 17th - I can't WAIT to see you!!!


    *Cohort B - your first F2F day is Thursday, August 20th - I am so excited to meet you!! 

    Once I get your parent emails through the form that you complete (SEE VIRTUAL ORIENTATION page) I will add you to our ClassTag. I will also be emailing out to Cohort B parents, activities for Cohort B to complete on their first Remote Days (Aug. 17, 18, and 19).

    Please keep in mind, that the first few weeks teachers will be using that time to build relationships with our new Pirates. We will also be using this time to get to know where your kiddos are, academically. 

    Devises should be given within their first few F2F days. 

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I may not have all the answers, but I will do my best to find out. 

    See you next week!


    Ms. C

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