• Our digital learning schedule will be as follows: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

    8:15- 8:45 Morning Meeting/Announcements/ Brain wake up activity

    8:45- 9:45 ELA Block LIVE (Science or social studies will be embedded) *Brain break will be included*

    9:45- 10:45 Independent ELA/ S.S assignments

    10:45- 11:30 Math Block LIVE

    11:30- 12:00 Independent math assignments

    12:20- 12:30 Lunch/recess

    12:30- 1:00 Specials

    1:00- 3:00 Small groups

    3:00- 3:30 Teacher office hours



    Students will still follow this schedule, I may post videos for students to watch instead of going live. Wednesdays will be for scheduled conferences.