• Reading: We are continuing our discussion on the different types of points of view, focusing on 3rd Person Limited and 3rd Person Omniscient.
    Writing: We are beginning our opinion writing for the quarter. Our topic is something I think the students will have a strong opinion about... In School versus Remote Learning. Students will pick a side this week with reasons supporting why those chose that side.
    Social Studies: We are continuing to discuss colonization. We will be talking about what colonization was like in each part of the state.
    Grammar: We are beginning to learn about root words before we dive into prefixes and suffixes.
    Remote Wednesday: Students should be reading the first section of their book this week. They will have questions and vocabulary to go along with the section to work on tomorrow.
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  • Reading: This week I am introducing the students to point of view. Our focus will be on first person.

    Social Studies: We are moving into colonization with a quick focus on pirates.

    Writing: Students will be introduced to opinion writing.

    Remote Wednesdays: We will be starting a new novel study this week that will take us through the end of the 9 weeks. Students will be getting their books tomorrow and will be bringing them home. We will talk more about the book and expectations at our live lesson on Wednesday. The novel study will be the remote Wednesday work every Wednesday through mid-March.

    Benchmark: Students will be taking their Middle of the Year benchmark this week.

    Report Cards: Students will be getting their report cards today. Please sign the envelope and return it as soon as possible. You may keep the actual report card.


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  • Social Studies: Students started a CSI investigation on Friday to try and figure out what happened at the Lost Colony of Roanoke. They will continue to investigate this week and then come to a conclusion based on the evidence they have found.

    Reading/Writing: We are finishing up our nonfiction magazine projects this week. Students were introduced to the project rubric and began working on the final copy on Friday.

    Grammar: We will not be learning anything new in grammar as our focus is to make sure the projects get completed before the end of the quarter.

    December Book Project: During remote Wednesdays, students were to be reading a fiction chapter book of their choice and completing a project. Project guidelines and rubric are posted as an assignment on their Teams. This project is due on Thursday. It is a grade for this quarter so I will not be able to take it past Friday. All students have a book picked out and have been reminded of the project frequently over the past few weeks.


    Missing Work: The end of the quarter is this Friday. Students will have a chance to work on missing work on Friday, but I will not be able to take any additional missing work after that. Please make sure your child is finishing up whatever is missing so their grades reflect their academic ability instead of incomplete assignments.

    PE: There will be no PE this week.

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  • Good Morning Everyone,


    Here is what we are working on this week:


    Social Studies: We are learning about some European Explorers that explored North Carolina. Then we will begin an investigation into what happened at the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

    Reading/Writing: We will be finishing up our draft of our magazine project this week. If students are at that point, they will be able to begin with their final copy.

    Grammar: Our next type of figurative language what we will be learning about is alliteration.

    December Book Project: All students have a book for their December book project. I have reviewed the rubric and requirements for the project with them (this is also found on Teams under assignments). Students should be finishing up their books by the end of the week so they have time to complete their project. The project is to be turned into me next Thursday (12/17). Students seem to be enjoying their books and getting excited about their projects!

    Scholastic Book Orders: Reminder, today is the last day to submit book orders in order to get them before Christmas Break! Check back in my previous email with steps on how to order online.

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  • Grammar: We are continuing with figurative language and focusing on personification.

    Reading/Writing: We are continuing with our magazine project. The goal is to get it finished and graded before the end of the quarter. This will be a project grade for reading and writing.

    Social Studies: Tomorrow, students will be starting a small Native Americans project. They will be recreating a scene of a village for one of the tribes in North Carolina. They will get a chance to work on it in class and then finish it at home, due next Monday. We are then moving forward with European colonization of North Carolina.

    Book Project: Students were briefly introduced to their December book project before Thanksgiving break. They will get more specifics from me on Wednesday during our live lesson. Students will be able to pick a fiction chapter book of their choice (many already have), will read it, and then complete a project of their choice to illustrate their book. The assignment has already been posted on Teams so students have access to the requirements and project rubric at any point. This will be due December 16 (the Wednesday before Christmas break). Students will be having weekly check-ins so I can monitor their progress and make sure they are not waiting until the last minute to complete their project.

    Scholastic Book Orders: I will be sending home the December Scholastic Book magazines tomorrow. The orders will be due by next Monday (12/7). This is to ensure they are in before Christmas Break. If you see something you would like Santa to bring, please let me know and I will help you discretely get the books.

    Missing Work: Students with missing work received a list before Thanksgiving break. I will continue to take late work until Tuesday 12/15. If you are unsure if your child is missing work or not, they know how to get online to see their grades. They have 24/7 access to their grades.

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  • Monday- We will do an in class review and then students will be taking a test on their book.

    Tuesday- Students who have missing work will use this time to complete whatever they can. For students who do not have missing work or get finished, they will be completing a fun project to go along with their book.

    Wednesday is a Teacher Workday so students will not have any live meetings or remote learning work. It will be the start of their Thanksgiving Break.

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  • Social Studies: We are discussing how the lives of the Native Americans changed once the Europeans came to the New World. Then on Friday, students will have an open note quiz on everything we have learned so far.

    Grammar: The next figurative language we are focusing on is Hyperboles.

    Reading/Writing: For the next few weeks we will be combining reading and writing. We are starting our next project. Student will be writing a newspaper. They will be writing 5 articles for the paper, one for each text structure. They will also be including certain text features in their article. This will be a project grade for both reading and writing.

    PE: Students will have PE on Friday.

    Interims: Interims will be coming home on Tuesday. Listed on the interims will be the individual assignments for each subject. I will highlight any missing assignments. Please sign and return the interims as soon as possible. If you have any questions please let me know.


    Just a reminder, the Wednesday remote learning days have been extended through the end of December. Students will not be coming back 5 days a week.

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  • Reading: We are reviewing how to read and inference in nonfiction texts. We will also be working on applying our knowledge of text structures into nonfiction reading. Students will have an open note quiz on text structures on Friday.

    Social Studies: We are finishing up learning about the mountain region Native Americans. We will then be comparing and contrasting Native Americans across the 3 NC regions.

    Writing: We will be learning about the final text structure, then working on applying it in our nonfiction reading.

    Grammar: We will be learning about metaphors. We will then be categorizing figurative language examples into similes and metaphors. Students will have an open note quiz on metaphor and similes on Thursday.

    Wednesday: Just a reminder, school will be closed for all students and staff on Wednesday in observance for Veteran’s Day. This means students will not have a live lesson. Normally, students would be assigned their next section of the book for their novel study. Instead of assigning it on Wednesday, I will be assigning it on Thursday. Their current section is still due this Tuesday.

    PE: Students will have PE on Tuesday this week.

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  • Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about Native Americans.

    Reading: Now that we have reviewed our text features, students will be working on implementing their knowledge in nonfiction texts. We will also be discussing how these text features help them better understand nonfiction texts. They will have an open note quiz on text features on Friday.

    Grammar: Students will be getting their Parts of Speech test back tomorrow. They will have the opportunity to complete test corrections on this if they choose. They will be due back to me on Friday.  We are now starting our new unit, Figurative Language. This week we will be focusing on similes.

    Writing: We are continuing to learn about the different text structures this week.

    Wednesday: We will continue with our live lessons on Wednesday along with students working on their novel studies.

    Homework: The only homework students will have moving forward is any work they do not get completed in class. The work will be due the next day. They have a folder in their binders that they bring home every day. This is where their unfinished work will be or it will be on Teams under Assignments.

    School Supplies: Please check with your child to make sure they have their school supplies in their backpack. On multiple occasions students have not had scissors, pencils, glue, or crayons in class when they are needed. Due to Covid restrictions, we are not allowed to share supplies so it makes it difficult for students to complete their work as I do not have enough extra supplies for every students to have extra every time they come to class. Thank you for your help with this.

    Red Ribbon Week: We will be celebrating Red Ribbon week this week! Here is the schedule:

                    Monday- wear Halloween costume

                    Tuesday- Pajama Day (school appropriate)          

                    Wednesday- Pajama Day take 2 on live lessons

                    Thursday- Crazy Hair and Crazy sock day

                    Friday- Wear RED clothing


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  • Social Studies: We will continue learning about the Native Americans. This week we will be focusing on the Piedmont Native Americans.

    Reading: We are continuing our review of nonfiction text features.

    Grammar: Students will be taking a test on Parts of Speech. Students need to know nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. They will need to be able to define them and identify them in a sentence. Their notes are in the Stars-A channel under Files.

    Writing: In our Informational Writing unit, we will be looking at the different ways written text can be structured. There are 5 different ways, so each week we will be focusing on a different structure. This will end in a culminating newspaper project. This week, we are focusing on the chronological structure. This tends to be the easiest structure because it is told in time order.

    Scholastic Book Orders: Just a reminder, Scholastic Book Orders are due by this Friday, October 30. Orders can be placed online. You can click on the following link: https://clubs.scholastic.com/home. Then click on “Connect to a Teacher” and then enter our class code: NCV69. These books tend to be cheaper than in other places and it is a great way to get the kids to enjoy reading!

    Costumes for Halloween: Many students have asked about wearing costumes to school for Halloween as they have been allowed to do in the past. Due to the nature of this year, and the fact that these students will not be in school during Halloween, we will NOT be wearing Halloween costumes to school this year. However, next week is Red Ribbon Week (more info to come), and there will be plenty of opportunities for students to dress up during this week.

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  • Social Studies: We are moving into our next unit on Native Americans of North Carolina. We are starting with the coastal plains region.

    Reading: We are transitioning into our next unit on Nonfiction Text Features. This week we are focusing on bold words, glossary, table of contents, and heading.

    Writing: To go along with our reading unit, we are beginning to learn about Informational Writing. This is nonfiction writing. Students will have an introduction into this type of writing this week.

    Grammar: Originally we were going to have a test this week on parts of speech. However, after grading the students’ verbs and adverbs quiz, I feel we need to spend another week reviewing this. So, in class, we will be relearning and practicing action and linking verbs as well as adverbs. Students will have additional practice on nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs at home to prepare for their test.

    Last Weeks Tests: Similar to Ms. Stafford’s room, students will have the option to correct any missed test questions. Students will get a sheet for them to complete the corrections. All corrections MUST BE ON THIS SHEET. I will not accept test corrections done on the test. Students will receive half credit back for each question correctly fixed. Students will have 1 week to complete this, due back to me the day they are in my room.

    Report Cards: Report cards go home on Thursday, October 22. However, since these students will not be in school, they will receive their report cards next Monday, October 26. Students can view their final grades in PowerSchool whenever they would like.

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  • Social Studies: In class, students are taking a test on the 3 Regions. This is a closed note test. Students need to study their study guide.

    Reading: In class, students are taking a test on Story Elements. Students need to know the plot diagram, character traits, and theme.  At home, students will be learning about Author’s Purpose.

    Grammar: In class, students will be taking an open note verbs quiz. At home, they will be reviewing all of the parts of speech in preparation for a parts of speech test next week.

    Writing: Students will be revising and editing their rough drafts of their pumpkin writing. The pumpkin writing was started in class last week and students were to finish it at home for their remote learning assignment. Students HAVE TO HAVE THIS IN CLASS. Students will be getting a completion grade on this assignment and they cannot participate in the revising and editing if they don’t have their rough draft in class.

    Wednesday: We will continue our live lessons on Wednesday. This Wednesday we are starting a novel study. This is what students will be working on every Wednesday from now until the end of November (when remote Wednesdays are gone). Students are receiving their books in class and will be bringing them home. They are checked out under their individual names so they are responsible for the books.

    Student Dismissal Roster: I have been sending out almost daily emails regarding this new dismissal procedure to those that haven’t signed up yet. Please make sure that you have downloaded the app or signed up online. This is how you will make transportation changes as well as pick up students for car riders. The office nor I will be taking transportation changes for now on. You should have received an email from the app to log in. If you did not, please email Amanda Reopelle at Amanda.reopelle@onslow.k12.nc.us and she will get it set up for you.

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  • Social Studies: We will be reviewing in class and at home. Students will be having a closed note test on the 3 Regions of North Carolina next week.

    Reading: In class, we will be taking a quiz on theme. At home, students will be reviewing for a test next week on plot diagram, character traits, and theme.

    Grammar: We are learning about adverbs this week. At home, students will be doing a verb and adverb practice.

    Writing: Students will be working through the writing process, writing a pumpkin narrative.

    Picture Day: Picture Day will be on Tuesday. These are pictures for the yearbook so every student will be taking them. If you would like to purchase pictures, it is pre-order only so please make sure to send in the money. I have attached the picture prices.

    Late Work: This is just a reminder that students are allowed to turn in work up to 3 days late. After 3 days, the work will be given a 0 for incompleteness. There are MANY students who are not turning work in. The end of the quarter is in less than 2 weeks. I remind students as much as I can in class, but please help make sure students are turning in all their work.

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  • Reading: We are continuing to work on Theme. We will be doing some more review in class. Students will also have 2 assignments at home reviewing theme.

    Social Studies: In class, students will be having a quiz on the 3 different regions. They will be able to use their notes. At home, they will have a short reading and then will be comparing and contrasting the 3 regions.

    Writing: Students will be revising and editing their writing in class. They will also be meeting with me to review what they wrote. At home, they will be typing up their final copy. They will be turning in their final copy and all the other parts of their writing and it will be graded as a project grade.

    Grammar: We will be focusing on action and linking verbs in class. At home, students will be completing a noun, adjective, and verb review.

    Picture Day: Students will have picture day on Tuesday October 6.

    Return to School: As a reminder, 4th grade students will remain with their cohorts until November 2. On Nov. 2, students will be coming to school Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Wednesdays will still be remote learning days. On Nov. 30, students will be returning to school Mon-Fri.

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  • Reading: We are moving onto another part of our story elements unit and that is Theme. This is definitely a tricky thing for students to figure out so we will be working very hard on it. Students will also be getting a list of common themes to have as a reference to help them. At home, students will have 2 short reading passages and then will answer 4 questions about the theme. This will mimic what we are doing in class so they should be familiar with it. Our class example will also be under the Files tab in their Teams for them to use as a reference.

    Grammar: In class, students will be taking an adjectives quiz. This will be open note. At home, they will be learning about verbs and completing an activity.

    Social Studies: We will be discussing the last region of North Carolina, the Coastal Plains. Students will also be finishing their State Symbols project on Wednesday. They will be bringing in their completed project next week (Mon for my homeroom, Tues for Ms. Stafford’s homeroom).

    Writing: We will be writing our drafts this week. Student will start in class and will be finishing it as part of their remote learning activities.

    Federal Cards: If your child did not bring back their Federal Card on Tuesday, or if it had to be sent back home to be fixed, please send it in tomorrow. We need these back as soon as possible.

    Interims: Please sign both interims and return them tomorrow as well. Just a reminder, students have access to their grades through PowerSchool and can check them whenever they would like to.

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  • Social Studies: We are continuing our study of the 3 regions of North Carolina. We will be focusing on the Piedmont region this week. Students will also be starting a State Symbols project at home. They will begin it on Wednesday and will have until the following Wednesday to complete it. I will be giving each student a rubric so they know exactly what they need to do, and will be reviewing the project with them in class as well.

    Reading: We are focusing on character traits this week. We will be practicing identifying character traits in class and students will be practicing it independently at home.

    Grammar: We are continuing to work on adjectives in class this week. At home, students will be practicing nouns and adjectives. Last week, students took their noun and pronoun quiz. However, students overall did not do as well as I had hoped. Because of that, they will have the opportunity to correct their errors for half credit back during their virtual learning. This is completely optional, but I do hope students take advantage of this opportunity.

    Writing: We are beginning the first steps of the writing process for our first narrative writing. We will be planning out the writings in class and students will be organizing their thoughts at home.

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  • Social Studies: We will begin learning about the 3 regions of North Carolina. This week we are focusing on the mountain region. Students will then have an independent reading at home and questions about the mountain region.

    Reading: We will be taking a plot diagram quiz. Students will need to know the 5 parts of a plot diagram, what goes in each part of the diagram, and will have a short reading passage that they will use to complete a plot diagram. Notes for all of this are under the Files tab in their Stars-A channel on teams. At home, students will be reviewing character traits and then completing some character trait task cards to show how a character’s traits effect their actions in a story.

    Grammar: Students will be taking a quiz on nouns and pronouns. At home, students will be reviewing adjectives.

    Writing: We will be learning how to add dialogue into our writing correctly. Students will be practicing in class and then will be writing a paragraph with dialogue in it at home.

    Interims: Interims will be going out at the beginning of next week. We do not have very many grades since we spent the first few weeks getting into the swing of everything. Most subjects will only have a grade or two so please do not get concerned if grades are not where they normally would be. We will be adding many more as the quarter progresses.

    Remote Learning Work: Many of the assignments that students complete at home are graded. When students do not complete the assignments, they will be counted as a 0 for incomplete work. Students are assigned an assignment and are allowed to turn them in late up to 3 (sometimes more) days. After this, it is a 0. At the end of the quarter, students will also be getting a participation grade for each subject. This will be based on their completion of remote learning assignments. Again, if assignments are not completed, this grade will be a 0. I will be sending home a paper copy of the grading policy soon.

    Fees: There are still many people who have not yet paid fees. Please do this as soon as possible. Again, it is $31 ($1 art fee, $5 instructional fee, $25 laptop fee).

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  • Social Studies: In class, we will be learning about symbols that represent North Carolina. At home, the students will be doing a webquest, learning more about different state symbols.

    Reading: In class, we will be learning how to use a plot diagram and identifying the story elements in a fiction story. Students will then be given a read aloud book online to watch and then complete their own plot diagram. The notes and examples we take in class will be on Teams for them to use in case they get stuck at home.

    Grammar: This week we will be reviewing pronouns and how to correctly use them in sentences. We will have a lesson in class and then students will have independent practice at home.

    Writing: Before we head into writing our first narrative, students will be reviewing complete sentences and paragraphs. We will be working on this in class and then reviewing at home.

    Fees: Just a reminder that fees are due as soon as possible. It is $31 total ($1 art, $5 instructional, $25 laptop).

    Paperwork: If you were missing any paper work, I sent home a reminder this past week. Please have that sent in as soon as possible.

    Charging Laptops: Please make sure your child is charging their laptop before coming to school. We do use them in class quite a bit. Many times last week, students computers were not charged and they didn’t have a charger. I do not have extra chargers in my classroom. It also causes problems because the students then cannot be in their seats and we are trying to reduce the space the students use due to germs.  

    Live Meetings: Just a reminder for times for live meetings. My homeroom will have live meetings at 8:45 on Wednesday and Thursday. Ms. Stafford’s homeroom will have a live meeting with me at 8:45 on Friday. I love getting to see everyone’s faces during the live meetings!

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  • Reading: In class this week, students will be taking their iReady reading diagnostic. iReady is what we will be using for our reading assessments throughout the year. Students will not be able to work on this at home as it is a state mandated assessment. At home, students will be reviewing reading strategies through independent work as well as a video lesson.

    Grammar: Due to the reading assessment, the grammar lesson and activity will be during their virtual days. They will be reviewing nouns.

    Writing: Also during their virtual days, students will have a video lesson on the steps of the writing process.

    Social Studies: During their virtual days, students will be learning about where they are on the map as well as a few other map skills.

    Live Meetings: Live meetings will be held at 8:50 for my class. (My homeroom: Monday and Wednesday, Ms. Stafford’s homeroom: Tuesday). Your child will be joining through Teams. It will last between 10 and 15 minutes. I ask that when they log on they mute themselves to avoid excessive background noise. Also, make sure their cameras are on. I want to be able to see all of their faces! Live morning meetings are optional as many students will be daycare setting that do not allow for them, but if they are home or in a setting where they can join, I strongly encourage them to be a part of this class building experience.

    Teams: All of the students’ assignments will be posted on Teams. On Tuesday afternoons I will post their list of assignments and the days they will be completed in their Stars-A channel in my Teams group. This is for planning purposes. The actual assignments will be available to the students at 7am the morning they are supposed to complete them. Because distance learning can have its ups and downs, the assignments will be up until they come back to my class (Monday for my homeroom and Tuesday for Stafford’s homeroom). However, this is for those weird days when things come up. I do expect them to complete their work the day it is assigned.

    ClassTag: ClassTag is the app that I will be using for communication this year. It is very similar to Class Dojo if you have used that in the past. I did send out an email invitation earlier this week. I will also be sending home a paper copy of the directions to sign up Monday and Tuesday. When you get a chance, make sure you get logged in.

    Paperwork: If you have not done so, please have all paperwork turned in this week. There are many forms in there that Ms. Stafford and I need to have as soon as possible.

    Fees: As a reminder, the fees for this year are $31 ($1 art fee, $5 instructional fee, $25 computer fee). Please pay this as soon as possible. You can send in a check/cash with your child, or you can pay online. There was a letter in the Orientation paperwork with information about how to pay online. If you don’t have it and would like the information, please give the front office a call.

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