• This is the reward for students who earn 100 points per month and have no think sheets or office referrals. 

    Some ways to earn points are:

    Completing Math and Reading homework.

    Completing Math and Reading i-Ready of 45 minutes per week with a minimum of 2 lessons passed at 80% or better.

    Class participatation

    Helping others

    Walking quietly in the halls.

    Using their SOAR in Art, Music, P.E. and Dance.


    Students may lose points for:

    Not having their device charged.

    Using the device inappropriately, (Yes, I monitor how the computer is used at home.)

    Talking out of turn/shouting out in class

    Not following directions

    Going to "Chill Out" during P.E.

    Not keeping their hands to themselves.

    Not using supplies appropriately.