4/15-19: coordinate plane / Unit 1 curriculum packet review / HW spiral review

    Week 4/8-12: Write and Graph One-Variable Inequalities ... Unit 1 curriculum packet review

    Week 4/1-5: Absolute Value/ Write and Graph One-Variable Inequalities

    Week 3/18-22: Positive and Negative Integers

    Week 3/11-15: Analyze Two Variable Relationships

    Week 3/4-8: Equations

    Week 2/26-3/1: Equations

    Week 2/19-23: Equivalent Expressions

    Week 2/12-16: Use Percents to Solve Problems

    Week 2/5-9: Use Unit Rates to Solve Problems

    Week 1/29-2/2: Unit Rate

    Week 1/24 - 1/30: Diagnostic Information Review and put in planners

    Week 1/15-19/24: Ratios / Reading iReady Diagnostics Wednesday, January 17, 2024

    Week 1/8-12/24: Ratios...iReady Math Diagnostics Thursday, January 11, 2024

    Week 1/3-5/24: Ratios

    Week 12/11-15/23: Ratios

    Week 12/4-8/23: Review Dividing with Fractions, Volume, Unit 2 Test prep

    Week 11/27-12/1: Dividing with Fractions

    Week 11/20-24/23: Review dividing with fractions.

    Week 11/13-17/23: Review fraction multiplication and division.

    Week 11/6-11/3: review concepts for dividing with decimals.

    Week 10/30-11/3: reviewing concepts for adding, subtracting and multiplying with decimals. 

    Week 10/23-27: C3,C2,C4 will continue review of Unit 1 material. C1 will be taking a pre Unit 2 evaluation.

    Week 10/16-20: This week The Avenger Team will begin an Enrichment Rotation. Students will eat lunch with the Core teacher for that day. 

                               Monday - CORE 3

                               Tuesday - CORE 2

                               Wednesday - CORE 4 (ER day so there is no enrichment)

                               Thursday - CORE 1

                               Friday - CORE 1

    Week 10/9-10/13: Teacher Workday, WAG: grade check, signatures, iReady Math and Reading pathway lessons

    Week 10/2-10/6: student planners: WAG, grade check signatures, iReady Math and Reading pathway lessons, L4 Algebriac Expressions Challenge

    Week 9/25-29: student planners: grade check & signature check, Lesson 3 activities for nets, iReady Math and Reading pathway lessons.

    Week 9/18-15: Lesson 2 Enrichment activities for polygons/area and volume, iReady Math and Reading.

    Week 9/11-15: Handbook policy & procedures, signatures for rewards, Reading iReady Diagnostics

    Week 9/4-9/8: Tues - Handbook policy & procedures, Wed-Fri - Math iReady Diagnostics

    Week 8/28-9/1 We will be reviewing the Student Planners and Student Handbooks.