• Enrollment/Withdrawal Procedures

    A checklist can be a helpful reminder when planning your next PCS. Here are two versions of an inbound-outbound checklist:

    Quick checklist for school moves

    School withdrawal/enrollment checklist 

    Enrollment and withdrawal are done at individual schools. Please contact the data manager at individual schools to make an appointment or to ask for further details. 

    Transfer of Records 

    When you are PCSing, it is most efficient to have a copy of your child's cumulative folder forwarded to the next school, or you may request a copy to hand-carry with your personal items, especially when you are moving overseas. If you have any questions or navigation concerns, please contact your school's Military Liaison. 

    If your child has an IEP or 504, it is best practice to hand carry a copy of this documentation.

    School Directory 

    Onslow County  Schools has a total of 41 schools: 

    22 elementary schools

    8 middle schools

    7 high schools

    1 early college high school

    1 virtual school

    1 alternative school

    1 early childhood center