• Onslow County Schools can provide support to military students/families experiencing deployment. Please reach out to your child's school and make them aware of your family's deployment status. Without this knowledge, your child may miss out on key support within the educational setting. The school will only know about a deployment upon notification by the family. Contact your child's school today to work proactively in ensuring your child's success.
    • Did you know there is deployment support for your child? In addition to School Counselors and Military Liaisons, some OCS schools have the additional support of a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) to work with students and families experiencing deployment.
    • Remember that your child's school depends on you to communicate about an upcoming deployment.

    Special Attention: Single and Dual-Military Families 

    Prior to being deployed, the Marine and caregiver must complete the Onslow County Schools Deploying Military Affidavit by contacting the Student Services Department: (910) 455-2211.


    School & Deployment
    School NotificationFamilies should notify the school about an upcoming deployment  so the school can provide any needed support.
    Stay Connected: Onslow County Schools offer an online student information system called PowerSchool, which allows you to see a child's attendance & grades. Contact your child's school for parent login information.
    Deployment-related absences: Communicate with your child's teacher/principal prior to the absence.


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