• To assist students with understanding the value of their ACT WorkKeys test scores and explore related careers, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is sharing the following free resources with public school units on behalf of ACT. 

    Matching WorkKeys Foundational Skills to Jobs

    The purpose of this resource is to help students understand their current skills in three areas using their score reports for:

    • WorkPlace Documents
    • Graphic Literacy
    • Applied Math

    Using the Matching Your WorkKeys Foundational Skills to Jobs resource, students can identify careers of interest, match their WorkKeys skill levels to different job types and begin to think through necessary job training. This tool is free to the public. See example below.

    ACT Occupational Database

    The ACT Occupational Database is a cost-free resource available to the public. Using this tool, students can access a wealth of information about potential occupations of interest. There are several ways to use the tool.

    • Students can search by job title, career cluster, and/or job description or,
    • Search by Individual Skill Levels based on score levels earned on the three WorkKeys assessments (Applied Math, WorkPlace Documents, and Graphic Literacy).

    After an occupation is selected, the database displays information about that occupation on the right side of the screen, including links to O*Net, the federal government's database of occupations, as well as the matrix of WorkKeys skills and scores needed for success in that occupation.

    Additional workforce characteristics such as: median wages (hourly rate and annual salary figures), state and local wages by zip code, employment numbers, projected growth, projected job openings, state trends and top industries are also provided. The data is supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021 wage data and 2021-2031 employment projections. “Projected growth” represents the estimated change in total employment over the projections period (2021-2031). “Projected job openings” represent openings due to growth and replacement.

    For additional information about how WorkKeys data can help students plan for the workforce, contact ACT.