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Science Olympiad 2024 Info

2023 Robotics Expo

2023 Southeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair

  • Junior Division

    Biological Sciences

    Sophia Zheng (SWMS) - Waters Effect On Plant Growth - 3rd Place 

    McKenzie Riddle (SWMS) - Man's Best Friend Food or Affection


    Alexandra Luongo (DMS) - Which Solution Would Speed up the Decomposition of a Pumpkin?


    Bode Blum (NWPMS) and Ian Woolston (NBMS) - 4-axis Fused Deposition Modeling (FMD) Printer Plus Computer Code - 1st place 



    Senior Division 

    Earth and Environmental Science 

    Matthew Ayala and Khang Pham (NSHS) - Assessing the Efficiency of Copper Thermoelectric Generators Compared to the Industry Standard of Ceramic - 2nd Place 


SWMS Biological Science