• HOMEWORK - (Board of Education Policy 3400: Evaluation of Student Progress)

      1. Homework should be an integral and relevant part of every student's instructional program. It should be used consistently throughout the grades and classes.

      2. The Onslow County Board of Education, through the Superintendent, encourages the assignment of homework to extend knowledge, aid in mastery of skills, develop independence in learning, and create and stimulate interest.

      3. Meaningful homework assignments shall be established by the teacher and/or student so that students and parents may plan accordingly. Homework is intended to reinforce or extend classroom instruction.

      4. Homework assignments shall take into consideration individual differences of students such as health, ability, conditions at home, and educational resources at home. Homework shall not require the use of reference material unavailable to students, unless provided by the teacher or school. Students shall be instructed on the proper use of these reference materials.

      5. The purpose of all homework assignments must be clearly understood by both the teacher and the students. Appropriate follow-up activities or review of homework assignments should always occur. Teachers must include homework policy on websites.


      Homework will be sent home weekly, folders should come back daily.  The homework will be checked on Friday.