• All 5th grade students and parents should consider band as a serious choice for the next school year. Band is one of the best opportunities for students to learn self-discipline, work ethic, and responsibility while being a member of a great group of students. Our band students develop close bonds with other responsible, hardworking band students. As students progress through middle and high school, their friendships will help make school more manageable, easier, and fun. Learning music can enhance so many aspects of life. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. Research has proven that learning music can:

    • Improve recall and retention of verbal information
    • Advance math achievement
    • Boost reading and ELA skills
    • Increase average SAT scores (www. nammfoundation.org)

    Joining a musical ensemble also helps our students develop important life skills, such as working together on a team, applying constructive criticism, developing confidence in auditions and interviews, and learning to critically evaluate their work. 

    When students make the decision to join band.

    • Understand that there is a commitment to practice.
    • We will work together to select instruments for our students.
    • In band, we learn woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. If you would rather play a stringed instrument, you should join the orchestra.
    • Listen to the various artists in the "suggested listening" portion of the website.
    • Please do not choose or purchase an instrument until after testing occurs at the beginning of the school year.
    • Fill out the encore enrollment form that should be available to you in early May. Students will have the opportunity to begin instruction on Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, or Trombone. After the Holiday Concert, students will have the opportunity to audition for the other instruments such as Saxophone, French Horn, Oboe, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Baritone, Tuba, and Percussion. (Potential saxophone students are required to begin on clarinet).

    Please understand that band students are required to begin band instruction in the 6th grade. Usually, our students find out that some of their best middle school experiences happen in band and continue to the Swansboro High School Band. Middle School Band is a prerequisite to High School Band. 

    If you are new to the area in the 7th or 8th grade you are welcome to join our band if you already have experience playing a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.

    Generally, parents of band students rent or purchase an instrument for their child. We will make sure you have the information you need to rent or purchase a quality instrument for your child. If you need help, please ask. For more information- there is also a band handbook on this website.

    If you have questions or concerns, please email Mr. Cummings at zachary.cummings@onslow.k12.nc.us

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