Hello, my name is Matilda



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My name is Matilda and I am actually a princess. I have servants to take care of my every whim. I'll tell you about them, but first more about me.

I am a pot-bellied pig born around Christmas time. Pot-bellied pigs are quite a bit different from pigs that are usually raised for food. For one thing, we're not as big. We only grow to about 150 pounds, which is about the size of a large breed dog. Meat pigs grow to several hundred pounds. You wouldn't want them to live inside your house. Another difference is our ears, which are narrow, usually appear to be kinda sunk into our heads, they also stand up straight. Meat pigs have big, wide ears that fall over like flaps. The third big difference is where we get our name. Our legs are short and our bellies are big and round like we just swallowed a whole watermelon. Meat pigs have longer legs and their bellies look proportional to their bodies. 

I'm VERY smart and love to play games. My favorite game is chase the treat ball. I love food and belly rubs. I'm happy to stay inside my fence but I also enjoy exploring the rest of the yard and don't even mind wearing a leash...as long as I can go where I want.

I know how to sit and speak and will happily do either for a treat. My favorite treats are shredded wheat, cheerios, rice chex, raisins, nuts, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, mini-pig treats of any flavor, cooked veggies, corn on the cob, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers....ok so I love most any kind of food. I'm just not allowed to have meat products of any kind so I hunt for bugs in the yard.

I don't like loud noises and I prefer to keep my distance from unfamiliar people...they make me nervous. I haven't met a dog or cat I didn't like...but I have only met one dog and two cats. I met a couple of horses one time, but they were gigantic so I kept my distance. 

Now that you know all about me, I'll tell you about my servants. Three are human, one is a dog, and one is a cat. There's another cat who does not quite understand her place yet, but I have every confidence that she will come around to my way of thinking and adore me too.

Each of my humans have a role: The first is the lady, her job is to turn on a light so I don't have to go outside in the dark (don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty scared of the dark) and feed me breakfast promptly at 6:30. She also scratches my head, cheeks and sides and rubs my belly on command.

The second human is a boy. He's my playmate. We invent and play lots of fun games together. Our favorite is make a mud pit and dance in it. I think water is only fun  when its in the dirt. I like to blow bubbles and jump and spin in it. His job is also to provide scratches and belly rubs on command.

The third human is a man. He is the most important human because he is responsible for the rest of my meal times and he's my bodyguard. He fills my treat ball around 10:00 in the morning and helps when it gets stuck. Lunch is promptly at noon. He has been late a few times but I made my displeasure clear by not speaking to him the rest of the day. He fills my treat ball again in the afternoon or hand feeds me treats. Dinner is promptly at 5:00. 

All of my humans hand feed me treats in the evening while providing scratches and belly rubs before bed. 

The dog has been my closest companion since I came to my kingdom. When I was still very small he would lay down and let me sleep on his back. He's very soft and fuzzy so he made a comfortable bed. Now he only lets me lay on his tail sometimes, but he still likes to snuggle me. Sometimes I allow him to lay his head on me. He's pretty old so I have to give him a nudge pretty often to wake him from napping on the job. 

The first cat took some time to train. We had to come to an understanding about who's boss around here. He was quite rude at first hissing at me whenever I got close and even slapped me on a few occasions. Then I realized it was a game he was teaching me. I showed him that I can charge and ram and we've been friends ever since. We like to take naps together in the back yard. We watch out for each other. 

The second cat has been more difficult. She doesn't go outside and spends most of her time sleeping where no one can find her. She used to run away if I came into the same room but now she stays long enough to watch what I do. She still doesn't get very close to me. Then again, she only seems like the lady.