Reading Help

  • Reading at home is a great way to help your young reader develop their skills and love for reading!  This can be them reading aloud to you or siblings, you reading aloud to them, or any combination.  The three best ways I know to motivate a reluctant reader is to set small attainable goals, provide relevance to reading, & to use praise and student-interest strategically.

    The most important part of setting small, attainable goals for young readers is that they are written down and posted in a place that is highly visible.  Goals could be daily pages read or number of books completed.  Also, help your child develop a 'goal mindset' by using phrases such as, I will, I can, I want to, my goal is, etc.

Read to Achieve (RTA)

  • There is a RTA section on NC Department of Public Instruction's page that is organized by the state.  This resource is a great tool to ensure your child's success with the reading portfolio and ultimately the EOG. The link to NC DPI's website is here I highly recommend that you use the parent-released reading passages and questions with your child.