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Bulldog Bucks Chart

Just for Parents!

  • Your child has a Daily Homework folder that goes home every night.  This is where I will send back all student work and homework.  Please be sure you check it often.

    To be sure you're receiving homework, notes from me, and notes on behavior, please be sure to sign your child's agenda every night!

    To help communicate behavior students will 'earn' Bulldog Bucks. Students will privately reflect daily on their behavior and will record their bulldog buck amount in their agenda. See the chart below for Bulldog Bucks and how they match with behavior. Students may record a lower amount plus an additional buck. For example, if a student records a 4 +1, then for most of the day, they were in the 'slow down' category, but they may have achieved an additional bulldog buck from another teacher or turned around their behavior towards the end of the day.