Tech Help

  • We will be using several websites this year to support our learning! Below are some troubleshooting tips if you are having trouble accessing the websites listed:



    Freckle is a GREAT resource that supports students in all subjects. Students can answer questions to earn coins. Students can also set goals and when they achieve those goals, they earn more coins. Coins can be spent in the piggy store which randomly opens up as the students are working! Student log in information: There username and password is their first and last name. The class code is 4hks6j



    Ready is our math curriculum. iReady is an online platform that supports in-class learning. There are two ways that we use the iReady lessons. One way is on the student's flex path. This path is formed based on their data on the diagnostic. This path is a great way for students to review previous math concepts and 'fill any gaps' they may have. I will also assign lessons as students are learning new concepts. These lessons provide students with another voice as these lessons include videos and teaching points as well as quizzes. 


    Read Works

    Read Works is a great online reading tool that we will be using in class. These articles mirror the content that we are learning in our CKLA curriculum. The class code is 5VSQKS . The student password is 1234


    Scholastic News

    We will be using Scholastic News a lot! Scholastic News is a child-friendly magazine with a variety of current events and topics. Students will always have worksheets that align with the magazine as apart of their independent work time. The class code to view the magazine online is moonduck4


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