DC Trip information for 2021

  • Families,

    I want to thank you for your tremendous interest in providing your students with the opportunity of travel.  Even more so, I want to thank you for your patience as we’ve been watching and waiting to see what travel could look like for us in April. 

    I’ve just spoken with my contact at WorldStrides.  They’ve been working closely with health and safety experts and local officials.   Based on the information we know today and WorldStrides commitment to our safety and overall experience, we have decided to postpone our program.   I’m excited to travel with those of you who can join us on our new travel dates of June 4-6, 2021 and I hope each student can travel on our new dates.  It’s going to be a great trip and I know we are all looking forward to it.  

    If your child is unable to join us, for those families who purchased the Full Refund Program, WorldStrides will honor the Full Refund ProgramFor those who did not purchase Full Refund Program, WorldStrides amended their policy and will be providing more generous refunds than the terms outlined in the standard cancelation policy.  You can contact WorldStrides’ Customer Support team at customerservice@worldstrides.org with our Trip ID and your Customer ID so they can process your cancellation. Please note your exact refund amount may vary depending on what you’ve paid in toward your trip cost.  If you need additional clarification, you can reach out directly to WorldStrides’ Customer Support at 800-468-5899.  Your trip ID# is 174715

    For those who are planning to travel, I want to share that the WorldStrides Back to Travel Task Force continues to work hard to establish guidelines around safe travel in this new COVID-19 world. From keeping an eye on the evolving standards in the travel and education industries, to taking important steps to update health and safety practices, I feel confident that we will be in great hands when we travel. As we prepare for our tour, feel free to check out their updated Health and Safety protocols as they evolve in the time leading up to travel.

     I’m excited our trip is moving forward, and I can’t wait to travel and give your students the opportunity to visit our Nation’s Capital!    If you know of any other students who would like to sign up, let them know there’s space available!  

    Looking ahead to a great adventure, 

    Nicole Petrock