• Exceptional Children Program Coaches

    The EC Program coaches provide support to school staff, students and parents.  EC Program coaches provide valuable training to staff to ensure quality instruction for students and the IEP development process.  Coaches collaborate, model, and assist with implementation of academic programs, behavior plans and IEP's.   Each coach is based at and serves two or more schools.

    Bell Fork Elementary Megan Batchelor
    Blue Creek Elementary Andrea Cumpton
    Carolina Forest Elementary Alison Jones
    Clear View Elementary Kim Carberry
    Clyde Erwin Elementary Andrea Cumpton and Cassie Lanier
    Coastal Elementary Megan Batchelor
    Dixon Elementary Rebecca Colley
    Dixon Middle Emma Farley
    Dixon High Cassie Lanier
    Heritage Elementary Megan Batchelor
    Hunters Creek Elementary Emma Farley
    Hunters Creek Middle Jolynn Powell
    Jacksonville Commons Elementary Alison Jones
    Jacksonville Commons Middle Layne Asher
    Jacksonville High Layne Asher
    Meadow View Elementary Emma Farley
    Morton Elementary Alison Jones
    New Bridge Middle Layne Asher
    Northside High Amy Walworth
    Northwoods Elementary Jolynn Powell
    Northwoods Park Middle Andrea Cumpton
    Onslow County Learning Center Layne Asher
    Onslow Virtual School Kim Carberry
    Parkwood Elementary Kim Mowell
    Queens Creek Elementary Jolynn Powell
    Richlands Elementary Cassie Lanier
    Richlands High Cassie Lanier
    Sand Ridge Elementary Lisa Frazier
    Silverdale Elementary Nicole Messier
    Southwest Elementary Andrea Cumpton
    Southwest Middle Amy Walworth
    Southwest High Amy Walworth
    Stateside Elementary Kim Carberry
    Summersill Elementary Rebecca Colley
    Swansboro Elementary Nicole Messier 
    Swansboro Middle Nicole Messier
    Swansboro High Lisa Frazier
    Thompson Early Childhood Center Lois Stevens and Sara Myrick
    Trexler Middle Rebecca Colley
    White Oak High Lisa Frazier